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April 2010
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Issue # IX

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Hello Everyone!

Well, spring is here, I’m thankful to say and the weather in southern Ontario is improving daily. The biggest news I have to share this month is the release of my sixth book “Blood Vengeance: (Cold Case #4-183) Not of this World.
Blood Vengeance is a paranormal/crime thriller, which takes place in the small town of Payson, just outside of Phoenix, AZ. Rookie FBI Agent Jeremy Jones, along with his more experienced partner, Bailey Phillips, attempts to solve a string of what appears to be kidnapping/murder/suicides. All of the crimes take place in the same dilapidated, old Victorian house - but how and why?
At the same time, Jones experiences a series of strange visions that seem to somehow be related to the case. The agents fight against time to solve the crimes amid growing pressure from their boss, the media and the public. But can they catch a killer that appears to be "Not of this World?"

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Now on to all the paranormal news I have ready to share with you this month.

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This month’s story comes from Shay, who lives in the U.S. and possesses some remarkable paranormal abilities. She is a regular contributing member of my Ghosts & Hauntings group on Ellen .

Touched by a Spirit

Often we live our lives only giving passing thought to those who have passed. A curious fascination for the other side and what happens when someone passes. Or a deep seeded desire to see what others cannot easily explain or prove.
Sometimes as we are living our lives, we find ourselves in a situation where our own passing may very well be at hand until we are touched by a spirit. After the event has passed, we are left to question, "Did that just really happen? How am I still here and why? Was that really who I think it was and how could that be? That person died! Or, who/what was that? Where did he/she come from and where did they go?"
Eventually the shock of events passes into a distant memory only to be stirred now and then by something we see or hear later on. Or they become much more - a beautiful part of our everyday lives and a good friend. This is one of those stories and I invite you to please share your own...
The location is a small section of the Battle Creek River in Battle Creek, Michigan, where I spent much of my childhood. It is a place with a nice sized waterfall and strong rapids where my father used to take me fishing. I would fish and play in the shallows and on the bank. I would sing to the spirits and make tools such as spears and bows to play with. Sometimes my father would take me behind the waterfall and we would walk to the other side of the river to have a look around. Passing under and behind it as the water cascaded down with a crushing force.
One day was different from the others. I was about 6 or 7 years old at the time. Something did not feel right and I knew something bad was going to happen. In the same instant, I also knew that everything was going to be okay.
I followed my father along the path and through the old fence section with the opening that had been cut and pulled aside. We made our way over the large rocks/boulders to the waters edge. The closer we got, the more intense the feelings grew and I began looking for the danger.
My father went straight to his fishing and I was left on the bank trying to figure out what the cause of my distress was. Eventually I calmed down and went to play in the shallows by trying to catch a nice sized carp I had spotted in the aquatic vegetation there. Some time had passed and I noticed that my father had smoked a couple more joints than usual and the whiskey he drank before hand was a bit stronger than his typical beer on such occasions.
I thought that perhaps I was going to have to fish him out of the river but I did not know how. He was over six feet tall and weighed a lot more than I did. Added to that, the current was fierce in that section and would have him swept away before anyone could blink. So, I found some fishing line and a small piece of rope just in case. I had to try something if anything happened. But, it was not my father who was in danger.
As I was playing and watching, my father stopped fishing and called me over to him. He was in deeper water than me and I had to fight against the current to get to him. As I approached, he asked me if I wanted to learn how to swim. I told him excitedly that YES, I would. When I got close enough, my father grabbed me roughly and held me up to his face. His smile was terrifying and the look in his eyes was sinister...terror gripped me as he told me to sink or swim. I started screaming and fighting with everything I had but could not break free.
Then, he threw me as far out into the heavy rapids as he could. I took a deep break as I flew through the air and felt the water grab me as soon as I hit. I was sucked under and drug across the rocky bottom with so much force and speed. It hurt as my head took a rock in the side but at that very moment, I felt myself being grabbed as if protective arms had swept around me and pulled me back against the current.
I thought that perhaps my father had had a change of heart and was now trying to save me. The hold changed as I now felt a force pushing me to the surface. My head broke through the waters surface and instinctively I gasped for breath. My body was being gently carried to the shallows by this same force. Then, just as suddenly as it had grabbed me, the force was gone and I plunked down under the water only to find I was in a less than knee-deep clam pool not far down stream.
I looked around to see who my savior was but no human was there. I felt a woman's presents in the water next to me. It felt like she was the water but separate at the same time. I thanked her and wanted desperately to hug her and cry in her arms. My azzhole father was up stream laughing hysterically. I became enraged and went after him. I called him every cuss word I knew and strung a few new ones into the mix as well... I didn't realize that I knew that many... or could be that creative with them… I'd have put a sailor to shame. LOL
I told him that if he ever did anything like that again, I'd kick his azz and wait till he fell asleep to do the rest. As I stood there dripping wet and daring him to make a move, he stopped laughing and just looked at me. I don't know how long we each stood there staring into each other’s eyes but he finally hung his head down and turned away from me.
He did not catch any more fish and I sat in the shallows where I felt protected by her. I kept hearing a soft voice telling me that I was safe and okay… that no harm would come to me. My father decided that he had had enough and that it was time to go... we left.
I checked my head only to find a very small knot where it had been hit. This was quite surprising as all things considered I was lucky to be alive. My father never tried that again and I found myself thinking of my hero quite often.
Some would call her an angel... but that doesn't feel right... she lives in the water… is apart... of the water. She is a water spirit. One of those I had sung to. What I did not know at that time was just how much of apart of my life she would become. I am 37 now and 30 years later, I can feel her in the water. I can still hear her and have even seen her many times. I love the water and swimming with her. She is beautiful and I am very grateful to and for her.
She was there for my initiation a few years ago and was the one who helped me face my greatest fear... love... had it been anyone but her, I probably would have failed my initiation. She has my love and is an honor to call her friend.

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Paranormal Investigator trying for $1 Million

A paranormal investigator claims he is in line to win £1 million after betting he could prove the existence of an afterlife.
Ross Hemsworth, 49, from Glastonbury, has placed a £100 bet with odds of 10,000/1 that he will provide evidence of an afterworld beyond reasonable doubt. If the self titled "scientific investigator of anomalous phenomena" is proved correct, not only will he bag the money but will also become one of the most famous men in modern history.
Mr. Hemsworth said a team of scientists and doctors were working around the clock to prove the existence of the after life. However, he could not provide details of the evidence he is set to produce as it iss being kept "under wraps." The evidence must be provided and accepted by bookmakers William Hill before the end of the year or the business entrepreneur would lose his bet.
"There is something out there trying to make contact,” Hemsworth said.
"With the evidence we have got, we are not a million miles away from proving it.The whole point of the project is to prove that there is something there. More and more people are coming away from religion; there are more and more wars. If we can prove this, we hope it will make some difference to peoples' lives."
He added that voice communication, video and photography would be among the evidence he would produce. And although some may think this bet is strange, apparently it’s not as far fetched as you might think.
"We are used to taking bets on matters as bizarre as the existence of the Loch Ness Monster; whether Elvis Presley is still alive and when UFOs may land, even on whether ghosts exist,” said William Hill spokesman Graham Sharpe. "But this is the first time we have ever taken a bet that conclusive proof of the existence of the after-life will be forthcoming. I've no idea what that evidence may be, but if Ross produces it before the end of the year, we will be paying him £1 million."

Ghost Video: RMS Queen Mary Apparition

The video below was taken by the American Paranormal Research Association aboard the Queen Mary, a ship with a most haunted reputation. They captured what they believe is an image of an apparition in a changing stall near the pool.
"Before the video was posted, it was presented to engineers, medical doctors and various other professionals from technical industries," the video description claims. "Each given the circumstance could not come up with explanations for what was presented to them.”

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