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December 2009
Vol. VI
Issue # VII

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Hello Everyone!

Well, it’s been a most interesting month for me so far. I’ve had two experiences that would fall into the realm of the paranormal: one dream and one ghost animal!
A few nights ago, I had this very strange dream:

I was driving a car and had my daughter's with me. (I don't drive anymore, but the way.) Anyway, a man came up by my side window and when I turned to look, I saw that he had a gun in his hand. Within a second, I moved my body forward to protect my daughter in the passenger's seat and immediately knew I'd been shot in the side of my head.
Next, I realized I was on a stretcher and being wheeled down a hall in a big hurry. I innately knew it was a hospital and I was being rushed to surgery. When I awoke from surgery, I could tell I had a very large bandage on my head. However, I wanted to get out of bed and when I tried, I fell to the floor. I dragged myself some distance and reached a set of stairs. I knew I'd been injured and struggled to stand up so I could go down the stairs.
There was a woman at the bottom with silver-gray hair. She said not to worry. "Just jump! You can do it." I thought she was crazy at first but then I thought, "Why not just jump?"
To my surprise, I jumped and landed on my feet at the foot of the stairs and stood right beside the woman. She then said, "You'll find that you can do lots of things now."
I awoke with the feeling that I'd passed over from life to the other side and marveled at the experience I'd had in my dream. It was quite extra-ordinary to say the least!

Now a few nights ago, I awoke in the morning because I thought my little Shi Tzu, Angel, had jumped up on my bed and was walking along my body toward my head. Angel often does that and when she reaches me, she licks my face until I wake up!
However, when I turned to see her, she wasn’t there. I looked over the side of the bed and saw her sleeping peacefully on the rug. I sat up immediately and wondered what the heck had just happened. I can only assume that one of my previous pets decided to pay me a visit!
And if you think that’s not strange enough, my daughter told me the very next day that an “invisible pet” had jumped on her bed just as she was drifting off to sleep. She thought it was her cat but she was nowhere in sight!

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This month’s story comes from a woman named Mandi, who kindly shares some of her paranormal experiences.

My Life With Ghosts

I am fascinated with the paranormal and paranormal investigation. I'm not completely sure what causes ghostly phenomena, but something does and I want to know what it is. I've had my own experiences and I've decided to share them here.
To begin with, my parents practiced an odd sort of belief/disbelief system when it came to ghosts. As staunch Southern Baptists, they didn't believe in them, of course. On the other hand, we had one. It wasn't really a ghost person. It was a ghost car. I used to wonder about that, because obviously cars don't have souls, right? But now I am a very firm believer in residual energy, which I see as being a sort of hologram or audio recording stamped on the air by some event at some point in time and replaying in an endless loop indefinitely.
As a kid, though, all I knew was that we lived at the end of a dirt road about half a mile from the main road and we were the only house on the road. We had a circular driveway and every day in the afternoon around 3 p.m., we would clearly hear a car go all the way around the house and back out the road. Yet there was no car there. If I were outside playing, I would hear it but never see anything at all.
My parents just calmly explained, "oh, that's the ghost," and let it go at that. They never tried to justify using something they didn't believe in to explain something they didn't understand. They just accepted it. That's odd, I know but Southerners know that sometimes not believing in something won't keep it from happening.
I was never afraid or worried about the ghost car and I wasn't worried about the more active spirit that followed me to college at 18 either. I never saw or heard that entity but it certainly made its presence known. I lived in a dorm room that I shared with a roommate. We shared a bathroom with the next room over. Many times when my roommate was out and I was studying in the room alone, I would walk into the bathroom, walk back out and my books would have moved to the floor or the bed. This happened many times. In theory, someone could have opened the door, moved the books, left the room and closed the door, I suppose but they would have had to be very fast and very silent.
Several times, I found the books under my bed. Once or twice, they showed up under there when both my roommate and I were in the room and had been sleeping. But I could justify those times, if I assumed that my roommate was playing a very out-of-character joke on me. However…
One weekend, my roommate had gone home for the weekend and so had our suitemates. In fact, that particular weekend only a few people remained in the dorm. I was studying for a test and locked the door so I would not be disturbed. I was getting tired, so I decided to take a shower to wake myself up, so I double-checked that the door was locked, as women are prone to do when they are taking a shower in a nearly-empty building.
Then I went into the bathroom, turned on the shower and climbed in. At that time, people still got their music on vinyl and albums were pretty cheap. I loved music and I had around 100 albums in the room. I had just got a new Bob Dylan album that week, and it and about 30 other albums were stacked on the floor next to my bed. Yet when I got out of the shower after about 15 minutes and went back in the room, the albums were nowhere to be found. I was panicking. I checked the door; it was still locked. I checked the one small window; it was secure and someone would have had to climb up two stories to get in it anyway. I was frantic. I unlocked the door, stepped outside and there were my albums, all neatly stacked in the hallway right outside the door.
I went ballistic. I was so mad I was yelling at the spirit in my room, "Are you crazy? My albums could have been stolen out there! My new Dylan! Leave my stuff alone!" I must have made an impression, because after that all the pranks stopped. Books quit moving, records stayed put.
I didn't have another experience until years later, after my parents died in the 80's, and my first husband and I and our two kids moved into the house I grew up in. Almost immediately, we started waking up at night to the sound of the water running and dishes rattling in the kitchen. It sounded as though someone were washing dishes but when we checked, of course, no one was in there. Still, in the morning from time to time, a few dishes I had left in the sink would be washed and as the mother of two small children, I was fine with that. A dishwashing ghost was very helpful. I kind of figured it was probably my grandmother, who was a much better housekeeper than I am.
One night, I suppose my slovenly ways may have been a little too frustrating. My husband and I slept next to the kitchen, and we woke up because we heard a strange swooshing noise, followed by a soft thud. I was worried about the kids but when I checked on them, they were both in their beds asleep. So my husband and I walked into the kitchen, and there, sticking in the wall behind the kitchen table, was a small butcher knife. The knife was stuck in the wall at about head height. Even though the doors were locked and no one could have gotten in without our hearing them, we checked the entire house and around the outside but no one was anywhere around.
I never figured that the ghost who threw it meant to hurt anybody, since the kitchen was empty. I think she was just making a statement about people not washing up at night. It never happened again but the slit in the wall stayed there for years until we sold the house and the new owner renovated the kitchen.
Since then, I've not had any major experiences with spirits or poltergeists. Another relative had the ghost of a little boy in her house, apparently and he whispered to me once or twice, "hi! hi! hi!," but as soon as I said hi back, he hushed.
I am very sensitive to the feeling of places though and often know facts about houses or locations that I've never read about or visited; not great details but whether there were children there or if there's a graveyard nearby or things of that nature.
Oh, there was one other sort of incident related to that. My cousin used to live in a very small trailer. He was divorced and lived alone. He was not a particularly good person and he did not have a terribly happy life. He died as the result of injuries he received during a robbery and assault that happened when he was away from home fishing.
After he died, my uncle and his wife separated, and my uncle moved into the little trailer briefly but then he died of a heart attack at age 59, also away from home. I thought that my cousin might have had some things that belonged to my mother, so a few months after my uncle died, two other cousins, my husband and I went to the little house to see.
As soon as we opened the door, the most horrible feeling came over me. I was not really surprised, because I knew that both my cousin and my uncle had suffered from some very mixed-up feelings while living there and, like I said, I'm sensitive to those things. But I had to get out and I realized if anything of my mother's was in there, I didn't want it. My cousins were anxious to leave too, although none of us mentioned the feeling, and my husband stayed outside the whole time.
This is my second husband, who never lived in the house or knew my cousin, although he had met my uncle briefly. He is not usually sensitive to places at all. But he said to me, "That house had the worse feeling to it that I have ever felt."
As far as I know, nobody has gone in there since. I don't think it's haunted but I do think it soaked up some truly negative energy and that energy didn't leave when the people did.
So that's my story. All of it is true and you may choose to believe it or not. But like I said, Southerners know that sometimes not believing in things doesn't mean they don't exist.

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Sting Front Man Has Terrifying Experiences

Sting, who is front man for The Police claims that he’s had a number of strange paranormal experiences, including the sighting of a female apparition, flying objects and strange voices at a house he once shared with his wife, Trudie Styler.
Apparently one night, the 58-year-old singer - who sang Spirits in the Material World in the 80’s - awoke to see the spirit of a mother holding a baby and standing in the corner of the room.
“I would never have said I believe in ghosts, until I saw one,” he said during an interview with a UK radio station. “I’ve seen a ghost with my own eyes. I was in bed one night, in a very old house I used to live in and I woke up at three in the morning, bolt upright, looked into the corner of the room and thought I saw Trudie standing there with a child - our child - in her arms, staring at me. And I thought, ‘Well, that’s strange. Why is she standing in a corner staring at me?’ And I then reached next to me and there was Trudie, and I suddenly got this terrible chill. And she woke up and said, ‘Gosh, who is that?’ And she saw this woman and a child in the corner of the room.”
Sting said many other paranormal events occurred there too.
“A lot of things happened in that house, a lot of flying objects and voices and strange, strange things happened,” he said. “When you live in old houses, you get this energy there. Intellectually, no I don’t believe in them but I’ve experienced them on an emotional level.”

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Van Praagh Channels Farrah

According to an article in Entertainment Tonight, well know psychic medium, James Van Praagh channeled the spirit of Farrah Fawcett for her best friend, Alana Stewart.
"Some people don't believe in an afterlife, but I do and I do believe that her spirit is very much around me,” Alana told ET. She added that she was initially reluctant to have the session filmed, "because that needs to be something personal."
During the session, Van Praagh let Alana know that Farrah was present.
"Farrah is right behind me, really really strong, and saying, 'Come on let's go,’” he said.
"That is so her, that is so her!” Alana exclaimed. “ That is so strange. Whenever she was impatient, she would sit like that and put her hand to her face and go, 'Come on, let's go.'"
Alana's reading was part of Psychic Hollywood -- The Search For The Truth, which aired December 9 on E and Farrah’s message had Alana in tears.
"She said, 'Thank you for wearing my bracelet,'" said Van Praagh.
"I'm wearing it right now!” Alana responded. “She gave this to me for my birthday two years ago … Oh my God!" After the show Alana said, "I started to cry, because I knew it was true. It was something only she would know, that no one would know but her and me."
Alana, who co-produced the Emmy-nominated Farrah's Story, says she’ll keep her friend's spirit alive through The Farrah Fawcett Foundation for Cancer Research.
"She was pretty clear about the kinds of things she wanted to do, so I feel like that's the thing I want to do now. I want to carry her wishes through and I want to help as many people as I can that are battling cancer."
The link to the actual session between Stewart and Von Praagh is Here and you can read more about Alana and Farrah in Alana's book My Journey with Farrah: A Story of Life, Love, and Friendship.

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