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Interview on the Paranormal

The show PAIR A NORMAL GUYS INC RADIO welcomes paranormal author, MARTHA JETTE on Thursday, April 22 at 10 p.m. ET.

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2010 Predictions
By Archangel Uriel
Channeled by Jennifer Hoffman

Archangel Uriel calls this the year of miracles and blessings and they will be there for us in full force. There will be quite a few powerful vortexes and energy openings, six in all and some are an entire month long. This will not be like what we have experienced in the past, so do not think that you will be going through the trials of 2009-or the period from 1997 until last year. Instead, these are powerful points of transformation where energies are available and those who can and want to accept them can do so.
The key word here is 'want to' because this is a year of accepting our path and being free to choose from the point of acknowledging our healing. Whatever we are willing to release, with an open heart, we will let go of. If not, we are not ready and the energetic portal will be available to us once we are ready. We have stepped into a powerful mastery paradigm that requires us to be aware of our responsibility for knowing that the choices are present and then choosing what we want, will determine how this year unfolds. By accepting mastery we step out of the initiate energy we have been living in and into a more powerful way of being.

2010 Predictions From Beyond

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