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Remember eating at the Drive-In? The food was good, fast and brought right to your car. In Burlington, Ontario we had an A&W Drive-in where we'd stop to eat after the high school dances.


First McDonald’s


When I was a teen, we used to catch the bus from Burlington to Hamilton to see the latest movies at The Tivoli Theatre.

50s movies

When I was 15, some friends of mine tried to get on American Bandstand and it looked like we were going to go. We always watched the show and were very much looking forward to being a part of it live. However, our plans fell through and we couldn't go.

There used to be a Woolworth's in downtown Hamilton where we'd go to shop and/or have lunch. It was still there in the early 70's when I worked at the Wentworth County Sheriff's Office and I'd often go for lunch. One year, I put my name in the store for a turkey draw for Christmas and I won! What I loved the best though, is that practically every eatery had little juke boxes right at the table, so you could play your favorite tunes.




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