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How to Advertise your Books

There are basically two types of advertising. One is done to raise awareness about a company, product or service. The other is done to move people to action, such as purchasing a product or service. Of course, you objective is the latter, as you want to sell your book. It is all good and well to have a web site and a published book, but if you don’t advertise, no one will know you have a presence on the Internet. Therefore, it is necessary to actively promote yourself and your book just like any other business.

One way to do this is to join a site like AdPack Network where you can purchase ad packs for your advertising. The great part about this site is that you "GET PAID" for all of the advertising you do and there's nothing better than making more money than you actually spend on advertising! For more information go HERE .
In this section, you will learn how to promote your book through free classified sites, why you should join an appropriate web ring, how to use banner ads and how to get your book listed on other sites, as well as information on bookstores, book expos and more. Make use of all of these things to ensure the highest rate of success possible.



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