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How to find Paying Markets for Writers

If you have talent as a writer, why not write for pay? There are literally thousands of magazines, ezines and newsletters both on and off line that need content. The first thing you must do is narrow it down to only those that would be interested in and accept the type of writing that you have to offer.
Writing for magazines, periodicals, newsletters and ezines is a terrific way to not only get your name out there, but also to build up your resume of published works
For a few examples of on-line ezines and newsletters go Here. You may be able to find an on-line writing job Here or Here, but there are many other sites on the Internet to choose from as well.

What follows are some off-line publications that pay for articles:

Weavings Journal, USA: Promotes informed spiritual growth.
THE FIDDLEHEAD (CANADA): Literary journal that accepts various genres of writing. Guidelines.
CONSUMER ECONOMIST: Accepts informative, insightful and inspirational articles to help people make better economic decisions and have a better quality of life. Guidelines.
Back Home Magazine: A down-to-earth, how-to magazine dedicated to helping people gain more control over their lives by doing more for themselves through how-to articles on a wide variety of topics. Guidelines.
Chatelaine Magazine: Canada's biggest women's magazine for women ages 25-54. Guidelines.

Digital Journal: Topics include social trends, business innovations, digital culture, politics, music and more. Guidelines.
Alfred Hitchcock's Mystery Magazine: Seeks all kinds of mysteries with some exceptions. Guidelines.
Arts & Letters: Accepts poetry, fiction, creative non-fiction and drama.
New England Review: Considers short stories, short-shorts, novellas, and self-contained extracts from novels; long and short poems; interpretive and personal essays; book reviews, screenplays, dramatic works and more.
GOOD NEWS: A voice of evangelical Christianity, this magazine accepts articles that support scripture about the church and society.Guidelines.
Child Magazine: Accepts articles on children’s health, parenting, child behavior and development and more. Guidelines.
Ask Men: Topics covered include money, love, dating, sex, fashion, lifestyle, sports, and health. Guidelines.
Common Ground (Canada): A monthly magazine dedicated to health, wellness, ecology and personal growth. BR>

PARABOLA: This journal is devoted to finding meaning as expressed in the world's myths, symbols, and religious traditions. Submissions.
NATIONAL GEOGRAPHIC TRAVELER: Subjects include photography, food, lodgings, ecotourism, adventurous learning experiences, and short getaways. Guidelines.
AARP THE MAGAZINE: This magazine for the retired folks accepts articles on health, food, finance, travel and more. Guidelines.
Entrepreneur: Covers innovative methods and strategies for improving business operations, as well as current issues that affect entrepreneurial companies, new business ideas and opportunities. Guidelines.
EATING WELL: A mix of journalistic profiles, science reports, cooking, recipes and more. Guidelines.
SYNCHRONICITY (CANADA): A mind, body and spirit magazine that accepts articles on such topics as alternative health, wholistic living and the body-spirit-mind connection. Guidelines.
Maisonneuve Magazine (Canada): Accepts informed articles and poetry on the arts, sciences, life and so on. Guidelines.
Home Digest (Canada): A consumer magazine with a strong service slant interested in useful how-to articles on trends and issues of home ownership and family life. Guidelines.



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