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Psychic Predictions for 2011


As the year 2010 comes to an end, many of us want to know what the future will bring. It has been a tough year for most of us, due to the state of the economy and it is hoped that things will improve in 2011.
What follows are some predictions by a few psychics and others for the year ahead. Of course, we must all take these predictions with a grain of salt because the future is not set in stone.

Psychic Hans Christian King has released his predictions on Sylvia Browne’s Spirit Now web site and they include one that offers positive news for the United States economy, Hillary Clinton becoming a diplomat “due to unexpected international tensions” and her eventual "nomination for the Nobel Peace Prize."
King also believes China and India will become the new "power brokers in the world" with the US being a "debtor nation."
He has also predicts a George Bush scandal that includes Donald Rumsfeld, a rise in President Barack Obama’s popularity and folks will find fulfillment despite spending less.

Psychic Craig Hamilton-Parker predicts two major industrial accidents in 2011. One will be a nuclear disaster in India and China will see the explosion of a chemical factory. He also predicts a popular politician will dies in a plane crash, California will suffer a serious earthquake and Liverpool will win the 2011 FA Cup.

Dr. Lewis Turi, who makes his predicts based on what he calls the "Cosmic Code" foresees plenty of tornadoes, wind, sand and fire storms "stopping traffic," as well as a busy hurricane season. He also predicts the massive use of "electrical wind mills, new water/air car technology and a mind boggling 3D photography technology but serious challenges still for the general printing industry and associates."

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