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Your Work has Just Begun!

If you think your work is done after you get your manuscript accepted by a publisher, think again! Your real work has just begun and it can be the most daunting task of all. Publishers these days just publish. Very few of them help you promote your book, so this job is left up to you. In this section, you will get a ton of helpful information that will save you many hours of time and research.
Your work involves getting your name and your book known as widely as possible. In fact, you can begin working on some of these things well before your book goes to press. One of the things you will need to do is prepare a press release. You need to know how to write it and where the best places are to send it.
You can also begin setting up a web site specifically for your book. You should already begin networking, so you can make lots of new friends and contacts that might be interested in your book. As well, you should begin writing articles on subjects related to your book that you can send to various places, and put on writing sites and blogs.
You can also begin preparing copy for a serious email campaign to be sent to family, friends, associates and if you have one, an email opt-in list (speaking of which, that’s another thing you should be thinking about.) You should also think about starting a newsletter or ezine on a topic that relates to your book. And there’s more!
As you can tell, your work ahead is tremendous but if you want to make a success of your book, it’s vital that you do these things.


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