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Martha Jette was born in Niagara Falls, Ontario. She has two college degrees including 3-year Print Journalism at St. Clair College in Windsor where she graduated with the Dean’s Award for Top of Class with a 4.0 grade point average. For many years, she worked as a secretary and then moved on to journalism assuming the role of Editor of Arts and Entertainment Forum. A year later, she was hired by the Brabant Newspaper chain and for the next 12 years was employed with several of the company’s newspapers including the Hamilton News, Flamborough News and Dundas Star. She then joined forces with a former Ontario provincial minister to open a new paper called the Dundas Review. Due to health reasons, she retired in 1996 and is now on disability. Since then, Martha has published six books:

1) "Glimpses" True Stories of the Paranormal (Self-published through Creative Book Publishers – ISBN# 0-975-4618-0-3) Sold through
2) "Glimpses 2": (it could happen to you!) - ISBN# 1-894936-38-8, Published by Saga Books
3) Talking To My Angel (children) - # 1-894936-28-0, Saga Books
4) Playing With The Devil - ISBN# 1-894936-51-5, Saga Books.
5) The Man With The Magic Spectacles co-written with Manohar Bahtia of India- ISBN# 978-1-894936-90-3, currently unavailable..
6) Blood Vengeance: (Cold Case #4-183) Not of this World now available. Saga Books.
7) Totally Scared: The Complete Book On Haunted Houses co-written with Dawn Colclasure - ISBN# 978-1-897512-35-7, Saga Books.

Note* Most Books also available at,
Barnes & & many other on-line bookstores.

"Was I 'Totally Scared' after reading this book? Yes and no. Authors Jette and Colclasure did a spectacular and imaginative job in compiling real ghost stories from around mincing with your average Joe to celebrity tales. There is even a section in the book on how to make your own haunted house, which as a mum of four I found very useful. Objects, people, places and things can all be haunted, as you will find out in this tome. For those who are new to the field of the paranormal or want to learn more on many different levels this is a read to pick up as I highly recommend it."

- Author and Paranormalist, Alexandra Holzer, daughter of Hans Holzer, who wrote 138 books on paranormal topics during his lifetime.


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Martha also owns and maintains a web site for those over 50 called Boomers Write, where writers can post their stories, articles and pictures. She also offers her expertise in the field of writing and getting published.
She also writes regularly for the on the paranormal for the Religion & Spirituality Channel and Shih Tzus for the Pet Channel. Here are the links:

Hamilton Paranormal Examiner
Toronto Shih Tzu Examiner

Aside from the above, Martha also offers editing services, including preparation of proposals, book intros, critiques and reviews. She also has two groups on the Paranormal Awareness Society web site and a group called Ghosts & Hauntings on the Ellen DeGeneres Community web site. Martha also maintains several groups on, including Writer’s Block, Mystery of Dreams, Angel Network and Keep the Story Going.
As well, she writes for various on-line publications and sites, puts out a newsletter entitled Glimpses of the Paranormal, is a member of Hamilton Writers and is a past member of Arts Hamilton’s Literary Committee. Martha also provides book reviews, which are posted at and at her Book Review group at The Book Marketing Network. (>


As well, she has written countless articles for various on-line magazines, including StoryTime Tapestry, Paranormal Awareness Society, Phantom Magazine and The X-Chronicles. She has also been interviewed many times on radio. Here is a partial list. You can go and listen in as they are archived shows.

Midnight Highway Radio
BUFO Radio
The X-Zone with Rob McConnell
(been on a few times)
Global Talk Radio's A Story To Tell
The Graveyard Shift
Quantam Radio
Spirit Rescuers 2012
Coming Up!
April 22 at 10 p.m. ET - Pair A Normal Guys Radio Show
May 1 2010 at 6 p.m. ET - D's Roundtable Radio Show

Thanks to my wonderful friend, Stan Tjaden, I have been able to set up this site. I cannot thank him enough for not only his consistent encouragement, but also his desire to push me to learn new things and in the process, discover my true abilities. Thank you, Stan. I am forever a true friend.

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