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Spirit Photos for Danny Boy Story

Danny Boy had about 40 shots taken in one session at David Gruggen’s Photo Studio in Hamilton, Ontario. Only this one showed anomalies, such as the glow upon his head and face, and several spirit hands, some with large rings on them. This photo also shows Elvis above him to his left and an unusual blue light. It is much easier to view this photo properly and catch all the detail, when the original slide is displayed on a projector.

Close-up of Elvis over Danny Boy’s shoulder.

Danny Boy sits in the studio at Sam Phillip’s Recording Service in Memphis. The photo clearly shows the reflection of the camera’s flash, but it also shows a spirit form hovering to the left of him. Danny believes the form, which appears to be that of a woman, is the spirit of Elvis’ mother, Gladys Love Presley. This photo was taken November 5, 2002.

This is the small house where Elvis was born on January 8, 1935 in Tupelo, Mississippi. The house has been renovated and is open to the public. In the darkness of the night, on the 25th anniversary of the King’s birthday, you can see that the air was perfectly clear, with no fog.

This photo of Danny Boy was taken by a creek in Linden, Tennessee, near Exit 143 in June, 2002. Billy Poore took over 80 shots for the cover of the album “Baby I’m Back.” He says this one photo convinced him that Danny was for real.

This is a shot of a tree on the lawn at Graceland during the Christmas season and shows a number of large orbs.

The photo on my book cover taken in a Tupelo, Mississippi graveyard also shows orbs that are difficult to see in this copy.

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