by Harriette Schwartz


- an article by Harriette Schwartz

I have said many times before that if someone had told me years ago I would be believing in and writing about spirit visits, I would have told them they were off their rocker! I did not grow up and evolve into a believer with ease. It happened much later in my life, but I am blessed that it did. To what I am certain would be my own surprise back then as well, I am the co-author of LOST PALLIES, a book full of true stories of After Death Communication.

My own first spiritual contacts made fear set in. It was just after the death 15 years ago of Jay, my late husband. My mind simply wrapped itself around the fright and discounted the truth, that being Jay was still with me. In hindsight, each event that happened after his death in my home was surreal and brief. Thus, it was easy to simply dismiss them to imagination or my other favorite term, coincidence. It was all the orderly part of my mind trying to calm my nerves, because these “events” scared the hell out of me.

That was 1993. In time my fear has been replaced with the realization that spirit messages do happen. Jay has been active since immediately after his death. In life he was always a determined man and in death, well, ditto. I have learned to pay closer attention and more events have come through my senses and not gone unnoticed. I can now even see ADC in hindsight, i.e. events that occurred years ago now make more sense. I can truthfully say that I have had contact and I for one believe.

There are those who would argue that this is a state of mind I wish to be in. After all, I am 58 and I have lost many dear to me at this point. Naysayers think some people need beliefs, which promise this life is not all there is. Indeed, it is a comforting thought for all baby boomers going over the hill kicking and screaming all the way to believe they will be reunited on the other side. Certainly it is something I look forward to when the time comes. So it is no surprise to learn that an online survey at an age 55 and up magazine showed 75% either had experience with and/or believed in the afterlife.

The countless incredible stories that have come my way since creating and running MEDIUMS AND LOST PALLIES a couple of years ago on EONS speak for the spirits. All I have experienced and learned shows me unequivocally that the afterlife is not imaginary. To the contrary, contact from beyond has happened to so many.

Over the years I have received messages in many ways. I had to become more observant in order to receive them. This is not always easy to do. It may well be that some people come to the conclusion that there is an afterlife to make it easier to ponder the inevitable. I believe that if we open our minds, and agree to ourselves to see things in a different light, then anything is possible.

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