by Harriette J. Schwartz
(Fresno, CA)


By HJSWritergal

As you may already know from my group on Nostalgia HD, MEDIUMS AND LOST PALLIES and from my co-authored book LOST PALLIES, I’m a believer. I believe in the paranormal and in the afterlife. Just too many incidents which I learned a long time ago are not to be chalked up to coincidence. One of the main things which I experience quite a bit of is “dream visits” from my lost loved ones, in particular my late husband Jay. I awoke today knowing he had “visited” me in my sleep again, just before I arose. I have done a lot of reading about such occurrences and I know many consider them subjective; perhaps some just think it is rubbish. It is said that ADCs, After Death Communications are usually purposeful. Currently both my daughter and I are facing some medical issues and each of us has some invasive tests scheduled this week. I know all of this weighs heavily on my mind. I also know both of us will be fine, this is just a stressful patch we must go through..a part of everyone’s life now and then. So I find it a non-surprising comfort that Jay was with me in my sleep this morning. Below is the dream and my personal interpretation of it follows. It is also said that we are the best interpreters of such dreams.

Last night as I sometimes do of late I had a bad night of tossing and turning. In the early morning at almost 7am I fell back to sleep once again briefly. In the dream I had the time, place and ages of myself and my daughter Merelle is current. I hear a male voice and my daughter is talking to him. There are no men in our house except for Gary my daughter’s boyfriend who stays on the weekends. At first I think it is Gary, but then I remember he went home yesterday. I think I am awake. Merelle is dressed as she does to go to physical therapy and Jay is there. Jay is my late husband. He passed away in 1993 at the age of 45 from pancreatic cancer. Merelle was seven when we lost him.

Jay of course appears as he did at 45 and he is wearing casual clothing. I remember him wearing this for walking or running..a thin black and white zip up nylon Nike jacket and matching slacks, which I know well. Merelle wants me to rush and make her breakfast. I remark to Jay, “She’s 24 and she still wants me to make her breakfast!” (this is true..lol). He smiles and then Jay tells me he is taking her out to breakfast. I hug him and touch his face, he has a moustache (in life he did most of the time but shaved it off occasionally which always made him look so much younger.) I can see he looks terribly thin. I tell him so and ask if he is okay. He rolls his eyes and says nothing but the inference is he is going through something. Then he bends me sideways like in a dance and kisses me. I ask him if that is my belated birthday kiss and he says, “No that is your first kiss.” Then I ask him if they will wait for me to dress so I can come out with them to breakfast. Jay nods yes but tells me he is in a hurry he does not have a lot of time. I go to get dressed and vaguely recall seeing his car..and that is the end of the dream.

INTERPRETATION: Of course my concern for my daughter is great and it supercedes my own issues. Still late at night when I am tossing and turning I am truly thinking of us both and worrying about the answers we each need. Like anyone else I seek peace of mind, calm in our lives and health. The boogeyman sneaks into my brain and takes that away at night. So I believe Jay tried to restore it by visiting just before I woke up today. It is interesting that Merelle and I are our current ages; this solidifies for me the fact that Jay is coming to me in the only way he can at present, as a spirit in my dreams.

In life, Jay was a devoted dad to his only child. The night he died, he made me drive him home from the hospital against doctors orders. He knew he was leaving and without question he wanted to do so with me, his child and his mom Rose who was staying with us.

His devotion to Merelle shows simply in the fact that he was going to take her to breakfast. It was his way of showing me he is there for her because she needs him right now. I think his show of illness in the dream and his rolling his eyes was just acknowledgement of my own concern that Merelle and I are currently having medical issues. That sweeping kiss which he called a “first” kiss and including me in going to breakfast was his message that he is watching over us both, even more closely at this time when we need it.

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