A Mouse in the House (a poem)

by Wilma Seville
(Hamilton, Ontario)

A Mouse in the House

A mouse in the house, what can you mean?
We tried to keep the place quite clean!
Alas for us, he came in the night
While we were all tucked away from sight!

A scratch by claws on an uncovered match
Scampering feet away from the hot patch
As flames rose upwards with a great roar
Causing people above to get out through the door.

The scene of this arson, not the fanciest room
Nor was it meant to be the mouse’s tomb
The humble pantry where food could be found
A likely place for mice to abound.

No cat in sight to keep him away
He did his damage and went on his way
That event was traumatic I recall
As fire swept away all!

Copyright©Wilma Seville2007

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