By Psychic-Magic editor Karen Howard

I belong to a group called Psychic Business Owners on Recently someone named Rene asked the following:

"Why are some psychic readings accurate and some not?

"What should a customer look for to insure they are not getting a fraudulent reading?"

I would like to share my response with readers of my blog, as they might have the same questions as Rene.

I think this depends on what you feel is “accurate”. Do you have a specific answer you want to hear? Do you want your life to take a specific path that is eluding you? We each have lessons to learn in life, and sometimes those lessons involve Free Will and “where your attention goes, your energy flows.”

Some clients come to me with “solutions” firmly in mind. They’re stuck in a cycle and look at past patterns and decide, “This is how things went last time, and this is how they’ll go this time.” They don’t realize they have the ability to change the pattern. If I tell them, “You can change” and things don’t change, I’m judged an inaccurate reader—but the fact is, they had already decided the outcome (perhaps subconsciously) before they even came to see me.

Yes, there are fraudulent “psychics” who are only in it for the money (and they’ll reap their karma at some point), but the rest of us are trying our best to help our clients. And I prefer to be called a “reader” (I use tarot) because it doesn’t make my clients feel I have some special gift they can never have. Everyone is psychic to one extent or another.

Accuracy is sometimes judged by how fast something happens, and I’ll get to that in a second. It’s also judged by what the client thinks he or she heard. As humans, we hear what we want to hear—or sometimes what we’re most afraid of hearing. When we listen to a psychic (or anyone, for that matter), we tune out some things and focus on others. I met a woman who was convinced that her life would be full of hardship and pain because a “psychic” told her so. No matter what I (or anyone else) told her, she was convinced this person was a great authority, and she was convinced she deserved pain and suffering; therefore, that’s what she got.

I’ve found I have to explain timing to my clients. Things happen in our lives when we’re “ready” for them. This can be a painful event (like being downsized) or a happy event (such as finding a wonderful new job). To put a specific time frame on them is difficult. It’s like cooking a meal in a microwave. My 700 watt microwave might cook it in 5 minutes while your 1000 watt microwave does it in 3. And we tend to look at the calendar year rather than our Personal Year—which starts on your birthday. If I tell a client something is likely to happen “this year”, I am not necessarily talking the January 1-December 31 year, but that client’s year, which begins (for example) on March 23.

There are many, many things that can affect the accuracy of a reading. Your priorities might change. The people in your life might influence you in another direction. You might not need that lesson anymore.

Also, your reader might be having a bad day. I’ve had clients insist on answers when I’ve told them things are unclear at the moment and need a little time to develop.

How can you get a good reading? Ask people around you (family, friends, co-workers) if they can recommend someone. The majority of my clientele has come by referral, so I must be doing something right.

One last thought… As Yoda said in the Star Wars saga: “Always in motion is the future. Difficult to see.”

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