Aging My Egg-On

by Joanne Blevins
(Knoxville, Tennessee)

I'm really perturbed about my aging process, you see, me and aging really go hand in hand. I always think, "Well, soon I'll look like I did when I was twenty-seven or so". But I'll need that Tummy-Tuck, the ole' spider vein therapy, the laser-resurfacing, the bat-wing tuck,(for the upper arms), the thigh lift and so on, and so forth.
You know this thing we call "The Aging Process" is really the greatest thing that has ever happened on planet Earth to us BUT we WON'T EVEN ACKNOWLEDGE this fact. Why?? Because most of us see our aging process as a significant type of threatening process. It isn't. It is a consequence and an essential part of our life. Aging in a sense says to all of us, "Stand Up, Move Forward, Don't look Back."
That's right, people. Heed this and for sure you have the wrong feelings. Perturbed, I was... but for now I'll sign-off and let you decide.

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