by Harriette J. Schwartz
(Fresno, CA)

By HJSWritergal

Like most sane and loving people I know and hang with both physically and virtually, I was raised to respect the beliefs of others. I am Jewish, but choose to be more spiritual than religious and I believe in God. It’s my choice. If you love me you accept me. I grew up in NYC and did that alongside all different colors and beliefs. I did not necessarily want to become a Hari Krishna but I did not sneer at them, rather I just politely said “no thank you” like my mom always told me to. So when I read about this Rev. Terry Jones, the leader of a small Florida church espousing his anti-Islam rantings about his determination to burn copies of the Quran on the ninth anniversary of 9/11, I was sad, ashamed and then furious.

Despite intervention by the likes of President Obama, Hillary Clinton and the huge outcry against carrying out this heinous act, The Rev. Jones is sticking to his loaded guns. Of course, he may well need the .40 caliber pistol he really is packing these days, in lieu of the at least 100 death threats he has received.

It makes me ill to think that a supposed man of God would strap his fifteen minutes of fame to such an event, without consideration for the possible consequences and repercussions it might have on others. It’s a blatant disregard to the memories of the 9/11 victims, heroes and their loved ones and soils the ninth anniversary of that massive loss. Jones shows not a care for our troops out there defending where Al-Qaeda might well choose to take their retribution for his act. My stomach turns more for his lack of respect to the world of Islam and Muslims everywhere. Contrary to the Rev. Jones’ misconception generalizations are not the road to take and no one race or religion is to blame for the actions of some of its flock. That is why the burning of Qurans is in reality the burning of bridges and really people, shouldn’t we be trying to rebuild them instead?

Oh Rev. Jones, I do believe your 15 minutes are up.

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