Colors & Chakras

By Psychic-Magic Contributor Aly Shepherd

Colors are important in our lives; perhaps more important than we realize. Colors have meaning, and we can better ourselves on all levels by paying attention to color.

Let me first explain that we each have a rainbow inside and around us. It begins at the base of the spine (coccyx or “tail bone”) and moves up through the body. It is related to the Kundalini energy, which is seen as a serpent coiled at the base chakra and moves upward through the chakras to the crown chakra at the top of the head. A visual explanation for this would be the caduceus, the symbol of two twined serpents that you may have seen in a hospital or on a medic-alert tag.

I have studied chakras for many years with a number of teachers, and have created a personalized deck for readings, which I read differently from others who use tarot or oracle decks. I created my deck by scanning artwork (mine, that of friends, commercial pieces and the masters) into my computer. I then created the design for the back of the cards and printed a single deck. It is my personal deck, and my method of reading is strictly my own. I’ve been told I am reading intuitively and do not need the cards, which is probably correct, but I find it easier to focus on the cards.

My readings focus on color, and each of the cards in my colorful deck is based on a single color. I have created three cards for each color, based on hue. Each color has its light complement and its dark complement. For example, the two companions of the red (base chakra) card are almost pink and deep crimson.

I begin a reading by sitting quietly with my client. I put my hands out, palms up, and have my client hold his or her hands palms down a couple of inches above mine. We close our eyes and take several slow deep breaths. I then shuffle the cards seven times and begin the reading.

My spread is based on the chakras, the seven energy centers of the body. I begin at the base chakra and place three cards on my reading cloth. I read these cards, pick them up and shuffle the deck seven times. I then move to the next chakra, which you might know as the spleen chakra. I move up through the chakras, reading one at a time, shuffling seven times between each.

The reason I shuffle the cards between each chakra spread and read each separately is because one or more of the cards might apply to more than one chakra. By putting it back into the deck, I allow it to appear again when/if necessary.

The rainbow within our chakra system (moving from the base up):
Base chakra (coccyx/tail bone) – RED
Spleen chakra – ORANGE
Solar plexus chakra – YELLOW
Heart chakra – GREEN
Throat chakra – BLUE
Brow (third eye) chakra – INDIGO
Crown chakra (top of the head) – VIOLET

Each chakra is believed to be linked to our spiritual and physical health. Imbalances should be treated, and I believe they can be treated by color.
The physical connections to the chakras are:

Base – Sexual organs, legs and feet, and our basic life force. Of course, any injury to the base of the spine causes repercussions up the entire spinal cord.

Spleen – All activities of the spleen, bladder, kidneys and pancreas. Also the adrenals and the reproductive and muscular system.

Solar Plexus – Digestion and how we assimilate nutrients. Also the adrenals, liver, stomach, gallbladder. It also affects the left hemisphere of the brain, which controls the right side of the body.

Heart – The heart, of course, as well as the thymus gland and our entire immune system. It is also tied to tissue regeneration.

Throat – All areas of the throat and mouth, esophagus, teeth, thyroid, parathyroid, bronchia and voice box. Also tied to the right hemisphere of the brain, which controls the left side of the body.

Brow – Pituitary gland, endocrine system, immune system, the brain (especially balancing the operation of both brain hemispheres), sinuses, ears, eyes, and face.

Crown – The entire nervous and skeletal systems, pineal gland, all nerve synapses in the body. It is also linked to the medulla oblongata and its function.

Metaphysical functions of the chakras:

Base – Awareness of past-life abilities. The control center of life-promoting energies.

Spleen – Emotion, desire, pleasure, sexuality. When open, it can link us to the spiritual realm and the astral plane.

Solar Plexus – An empathic center, opening us to the feelings of others. Many people call this the “psychic center”.

Heart – This chakra balances the chakras above and below it, bringing the entire being into balance. It is our compassionate center, and our healing center.

Throat – Linked to creative mental functions. Though not linked to the ears, it is linked to clairaudience. The throat chakra helps us manifest abundance.

Brow – Clairvoyance, creative visualization, intuition.

Crown – This is our link to the higher forces of the universe. It is the link between our physical body and spiritual body.

I am not going to teach my method of reading, because I feel chakra balance is best taught by an expert in the field. It would be best for everyone to find his/her instructor to learn more about the chakras and maintaining their optimum health.

When I find (perhaps intuit is a better word) an imbalance in a client’s chakra (or more than one chakra), it can be that the chakra is overactive or underactive. A few questions to my client helps me confirm which is the case, and allows me to show my client how I came to this conclusion. I then offer suggestions for balance, which can be wearing specific colors, visualizing colors, lighting candles or using gels on lights. Several of my clients have rope lights or strands of lights in the seven chakra colors. When they sense an imbalance, they use that color (or those colors) to promote balance. The use of light is accompanied by meditation, of course.

My clients have reported they can sense an imbalance in a chakra by their emotions and/or attitudes. Below are some examples, but I have not indicated which represents overactivity or underactivity in the hopes it will stimulate you to study more deeply.

Base – Physically aggressive, hyperactive, reckless, manipulative, overly tired.

Spleen – Arrogance, mistrust, conceited, antisocial.

Solar Plexus – Stubborn, psychosomatic problems, highly judgmental, afraid of anything new.

Heart – Anger, jealousy, possessive, lack of self-worth, stingy.

Throat – Fanaticism, over reacting, domineering, melancholy, giving one’s power/energy to others.

Brow – Fearful, oversensitivity, envious, forgetful, superstitious, impatient, worryful.

Crown – Insecurity, negative self-image, being harsh toward others.

By working with my deck, I have been able to help clients balance both their chakras and their lives. There are wonderful teachers and many very good books that can help you learn about the energy centers of the body. By balancing the energies in and around your physical/mental/emotional/spiritual bodies, you will live a happier and more fulfilling life.

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