Cord Cutting

By Karen Howard of Psychic Magic

Some years ago I learned a “cord cutting” technique I’ve passed on to many of my clients.

We are “attached” to one another through a series of cords. Think of them like “the ties that bind”, “tie the knot”, “web of deceit”, etc. All cords, all connections. We form “bonds” with people we meet and with whom we interact. Sometimes those relationships need to be terminated or revised. This is done by cutting the cords.

One example of revising: “Casey” felt she was in a non-productive relationship with her oldest friend, who treated her more like a mother figure than as a friend. She needed to “cut the apron strings.” An example of terminating is Pat, who wanted to cut a connection completely. Both Casey and Pat followed the guidelines below, and both were successful.

Sit quietly in a place where you will not be disturbed. If it helps, you can have another chair facing you and imagine the person sitting in that chair and facing you. See or feel the cords that bind you together.

Tell the other person (aloud or silently):
I forgive you for any and all hurts you have caused me—intentionally or unintentionally—in this or any incarnation.
I ask you to forgive me for any and all hurts I have caused you—intentionally or unintentionally—in this or any incarnation.
I now cut the cords that bind us.

See yourself cutting those cords. You can use scissors, cable cutters, or whatever is required. Take as much time as you need to sever the ties that bind you to this person. Actually see the cords being cut.

Once the cords are cut, you are free to forge new bonds with the other person, assured that the relationship has gone to a different level. Casey, for example, found that her friend no longer saw her as a mother figure, and the relationship changed to one where they were equals.

In some cases, you may have to cut the cords more than once because they are very strong—perhaps from one or more past lives.

Take the time to do it, and you will find your relationships/friendships changing and maturing.

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