Dream -- Foretell of Your Health

by Rachel Madorsky
(Chicago, IL)

Create Your Own Destiny

Create Your Own Destiny

Once I mentioned the significance of sleep in our lives and its relationship to the psychological state of the individual to one of my friend. To my surprise, he expressed a somewhat different point of view. I hope that the originality of his ideas will attract your attention:

“Some psychological disorders can be aberrations in the multi-layered spirit, which in its earthly expression cannot completely fit into its thin earth shell. If the spirit is multi-layered, then the imperfections of an earthly life and the absence of harmony of the physical body with the spirit produces deviations, manifested in some form of odd behavior which cannot be raised to normal parameters. A psychologically balanced individual is the insufficiently developed spirit.”

Dreams can foretell the presence of perfect health, as well as the generation or the presence of a disease. Dreams that come in the beginning of sleep usually do not leave a trace in the memory and, therefore, do not have consequences. But the dreams that come in the morning have the ability of being registered in our memory and are mainly actualized.

The analysis of multitudes of dreams allowed me to group them according to reactions. The reactions can amount to both positive as well as negative consequences. The positive results of the dreams or actions we take for granted, but we do not evaluate dreams with negative results. With timely response to the received warning in a dream, much can be evaded or, at least, some measures can be taken to decrease the impact of imminent danger in health.

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