Ghandi's Deadly Sins

by Jackie Paulson



• The Ten Commandments of God

1. You shall have no other gods than God the Creator.
2. You shall not make for yourselves idols to worship as gods.
3. You shall not use the name of God irreverently.
4. You shall keep everyday holy.
5. You shall honor your father and mother.
6. You shall not murder.
7. You shall not commit adultery.
8. You shall not steal.
9. You shall not speak a false statement maliciously.
10. You shall not covet that which belongs to another.

I will now give you an explanation of each one of these Commandments so that there is neither misunderstanding nor confusion and thereby any reason to disobey any of them.

• Explanations of the Ten Commandments

(1.) You shall have no other gods than God the Creator.
This means that there is only one God, the Creator Who created you. He has shape, form and personality. He is an individual spirit and no one else is God, not His son Immanuel, nor the so-called "Holy Spirit" who does not exist, nor any other of His created spirits. You owe your very existence to Him, and you have received everything that is good in your life from Him.
You must obey God's Commandments or you will bring about separation from Him. God issued the Commandments to serve as a spiritual path for you to walk on, that you might be truthful, wise and loving. Also, that you may be righteous before Him. If the Commandments of God are obeyed there is no need for human laws or commandments. If any human law contradicts one of God's Commandments it should be disregarded.
(2.) You shall not make for yourselves idols to worship as gods.
This means that nothing in all of Creation can be set up as a god. Not the stars, sun, moon, planets, anything in Nature, nor any other spirit whatsoever. This also includes temples, churches, synagogues, mosques, or any other so-called holy place or site. No human should ever be worshiped or prayed to, such as the "saints" of the so-called Christian churches. This includes statues, bones, other relics, or any clothing or any possession of these "saints". Also you should not worship money, fame, sex, or any intellectual or philosophical concept. Only God is God and should be worshiped.
(3.) You shall not use the name of God irreverently.
This means that you must always have the greatest respect for God's name. You must never use God's name to curse, deceive or condemn anyone. God's name is holy and you must never hide behind it to do any evil.
(4.) You shall keep everyday holy.
This means that God created every day to be holy, not just some appointed days that man-made "religions" have declared holy such as Sabbaths, Sundays or other "holy" days. All days in God's Creation are holy in reverence of the divine nature of God. He has created every day equal and you should obey, honor and worship Him equally as well on each and every day. Also, work may be done on every day, as it is illogical to say that work should not be done on one day or another, because they are all equal to God.
(5.) You shall honor your father and mother.
This means that you must honor and obey your physical parents because they have been entrusted by God to be your guardians and teachers from the day you were born. Parents should only be honored though, if they live their lives according to the Commandments of God. Evil parents should not be honored or obeyed. Remember that through teaching, obedience and discipline children become holy children of God.
(6.) You shall not murder.
As you can see, this commandment does not say you shall not kill. Self-defense is not murder, and those who do not defend themselves against death commit suicide. Suicide is self-murder, and against God's commandment. You must cherish life wherever you find it, and recognize all life as part of God's Creation.
(7.) You shall not commit adultery.
Adultery is any sexual act outside of marriage, and marriage is a commitment only between a man and a woman that is in their minds and in their hearts, with a promise to each other and to God to love, respect and assist each other in God's work. This clearly means that homosexuality or any other sexually perverted act is also adultery.
(8.) You shall not steal.
Stealing with any kind of evil intent is showing great disrespect and a lack of love towards your fellow humans. It is dishonest and insidious conduct that cannot be allowed in God's Kingdom.
(9.) You shall not speak a false statement maliciously.
Lying with selfish, greedy, or any other evil intent is against God's Commandment. Also, remember this, you can never lie to God.
(10.) You shall not covet that which belongs to another.
Covet means to long for something that belongs to another person. It stems from greed, selfishness and jealousy. All of these are evil. What belongs to another you must not desire to own. You must respect and honor your fellow human's right to own his property.

As you can easily see, all of these Commandments are logical and simple to understand. If they are obeyed they will lead you to a righteous and spiritual life, union with God, and a place in Heaven. Also, complete obedience of them is the only way to a spiritual society. These Commandments are the Law you must live by if you are to be a spiritual person.

Hear me clearly my students, friends and readers because you have been misled into the places of darkness and into behaviors that have unbalanced your planet and soiled the places of perfection. You must listen to God, find truth and accept the truth, or you will be separated into the places away from His presence.
• You unspiritual ones have made wrong choices and continue to act in ways against the laws as given unto Mankind to maintain balance and spiritual progress. Because of these choices you will continue in the places of the Evil Spiritual Powers which have pulled you down away from God. You have put reason and Godly thought to the side and entered into the places of darkness claiming that you do not know what is truth and living according to that which unspiritual humans have made "legal", but that which remains unlawful. You have spread the shackles of the voted in "legal" evil which has been thrust upon you in your "modern" world and have defiled all that was sacred and wondrously presented unto you.
• You unspiritual ones continue to flail away in your carnage and denounce God's messengers. Blessed are the spiritual ones who see and hear the truth and recognize it as such, for they will enter the Kingdom of God.
• Blessed are you who pass the truth unto your spiritual brothers and sisters, for you will soon see God. He is as near as the breath you draw. He sees and knows all within each of His children and you evil ones have taken Him into the holes of Hell in your sloven and evil practices which you conceal and hide in your dark secrets and deceptions even against those you claim to protect and love. You commit treason against that which was placed into your care and destroy it. You deceive your children who were given into your care, those that you have not murdered, you fill them with lies and teach them to murder, rob, and live in deceit, war, and addictions. Neither you, nor those you have misled, will enter the Light, because you have extinguished the flame of truth and light within them. You will lead your own bloodline into the places of darkness, incomparable suffering and separation from God if you do not change.
• To those who overcome evil, who to the very end keep on doing the things that please God, He will give abundance, glory, truth, balance, harmony, love, wisdom, knowledge and victory over evil forever.

• Gandhi's Seven Deadly Sins
Mohandas Gandhi, one of the most influential figures in modern social and political activism, considered these traits to be the most spiritually perilous to humanity.
1. Wealth without Work
2. Pleasure without Conscience
3. Science without Humanity
4. Knowledge without Character
5. Politics without Principle
6. Commerce without Morality
7. Worship without Sacrifice
7 Deadly SINS.
Pride is excessive belief in one's own abilities that interferes with the individual's recognition of the grace of God. It has been called the sin from which all others arise. Pride is also known as Vanity.
Envy is the desire for others' traits, status, abilities, or situation.
Gluttony is an inordinate desire to consume more than that which one requires.
Lust is an inordinate craving for the pleasures of the body.
Anger is manifested in the individual who spurns love and opts instead for fury. It is also known as Wrath.
Greed is the desire for material wealth or gain, ignoring the realm of the spiritual. It is also called Avarice or Covetousness.
Sloth is the avoidance of physical or spiritual work.

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