“Good Bye”

by Morgan Lawrence BS MS MA CIT CISM NTT PA
(Palm Beach, Florida)

I’ve been saying “Goodbye” a lot lately.
To the people and things that led me through the maze of life.
The gentle hands that caressed my back though the river of change.
And shaped me from the boy in the forest to the man in the world.

I’ve been saying “Goodbye” a lot lately.
To the ideas of youth that I was invincible, only to find I was human.
To the anger of inhumanity that I could not change but fought to anyway.
And to my thoughts like writings on a Mayan wall.
Once thought of as brilliant only to be dismissed over decades as the rantings of history.

I’ve been saying “Goodbye” a lot lately.
To the parade of passionate beautiful woman who have loved me.
The perfume of their essence remains in my heart as blood flows through it.
And the gifts of their time and passion that fulfilled me like water in the desert of life.
The humanity I share is the calming part of the river of life that they gave me.

I’ve been saying “Goodbye” a lot lately.
To the people who took me from being the small boy in a school yard in England
To the multitude of rooms that make up the mansion of life that is mine alone.
Leading me through the treacherous river of life, guiding me in the white water.
Only to lead others through their white water days.

I’ve been saying “Goodbye” a lot lately.
To my journey of life on the river and the many who have shared my raft.
From the pain, laughter, caring and guidance, I have learned a lot
And now hand it off to the next band of rafters for their journey.

For now I’m saying “Hello” to the possibilities of the future
Not so much my future but the seeds I have planted in the minds and hearts of those I’ve loved
From the pre-school ballerina who battles in the Operating room daily
To the little league home run king who protects us from ourselves.
And the beauty that each one gives the world everyday.

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