I'm Here

by Ravon'Simone Crawford
(Honolulu, Hawaii, USA)

There was a time in my life where God was scarce
Where the word of the Lord was never there
There was a time of darkness and complete shame
Where I regretted every opportunity given to call his name
I was stubborn to the Word and remained an evil seed, living in vain
There was sin and pain, nothing but pouring rain
Clouding my mind, I was going truly insane
From the lying and the cursing to the sexual immorality
To the secular ways of the world and torment that surrounded me
I was deep in the world, not giving a care about myself, this young girl
I felt like I was missing a part of me, this I thought I found in homosexuality
But it was there that I found the true meaning of sin
Realizing no matter how you put it as right, God wouldn’t let you in
It’s not right; it's overlooked by his sight
I was an abomination in the Lord’s eyes
I wasn't acting saved and couldn't see
Until one night I picked up the Bible and began to read
The way I should live my life and live it more abundantly
I read the book of Revelations and was given protection from the worlds hatred
I read Psalms and found there was power in the tongue
There should be no more cursing and talking out loud
Only living my life right and making the Lord proud
I listened to a sermon where the word was from Kings
How people should take time to recruit and stop worrying about material things
I read from Romans not to suppress to the truth
Allow him to take over your life so you can do what you got to do
Prosper in the world
Make use of your time
Read your Word
Repent for your sins and mines
Show others the way to go
Teach them to love and grow
Then when your time is near, you'll have no fear
You’ll be able to praise, sing hymns, rejoice and say "I’m here!"

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