by Harriette Schwartz
(Fresno, CA)

By Harriette J. Schwartz 11/12/09

I do not want to be considered rude or pompous. It is perhaps wrong to point up only the things that are wrong with this woman. I am sorry, but Sarah Palin makes it impossible for me to do anything else! Try though I might, it is impossible for me to find very much right with a person who cannot take responsibility for their own actions and failures.

In her soon to be released book GOING ROGUE: AN AMERICAN LIFE, the former Alaskan Governor does little more than find fault with not just her detractors, of which there are many, she assembles all the reasons that they are to blame for the factors which elected Barak Obama and Joe Biden to the White House, instead of John McCain and hers truly. I find myself wondering just how much of this was told to her collaborating writer, Lynn Vincent and just how much Sarah Palin actually wrote herself. It is officially Sarah Palin who is listed as the author. Now if sales are poor, will she blame it on Ms. Vincent?

Oh, I know that just as there are many more like myself who are just not interested in the “you betcha maverick” type of wisdom Palin dishes, so are there disciples who sing her praises and march to the same drummer who frighten me as much as Palin. I know because during the election I wrote on the net about my total disbelief at so much of what Palin spewed. That was when they came out of the woodwork and tried to smote me for my words and opinions. It is likely there are enough of these, “smoters” and that coupled with the curious, GOING ROGUE just might help Palin recoup the post election legal bills she complains in the book that the McCain campaign made her responsibility.

I do not begrudge anyone, Palin included, the right to a written memoir. I am a writer and have written much about my own life. However almost everything I read about her version of the histrionics on the run for the White House puts the, “blame on every Mame“but Sarah herself.

Palin says that she had wanted to speak on election night, but was denied the chance and says that for the most part, she was kept from interviews with reporters during the campaign. This former Vice-Presidential candidate laments that she was told minutes before McCain gave his election night concession speech that she would not be permitted to give one of her own. At that point who could blame McCain? I think Palin was the liability that lost him the election, and my guess is he was just cutting his losses.

She complains that ABC newsman Charles Gibson, during an early campaign interview seemed bored and that while speaking with her he “peered skeptically” at her over his glasses like a disapproving principal. She writes very harshly about CBS anchor Katie Couric. Palin alleges that Couric had a “partisan agenda”, a condescending manner and was “badgering.” Palin makes it known she believes Couric went far easier on her Democratic counterpart, Joe Biden. Oh come now Sarah! Anyone who saw the interviews knows that Katie Couric gave you the benefit of the doubt, plenty of time to respond and that without some impossibly fancy editing your claims are nothing more than, in a word or two, “sour gripes”.

Sarah Palin has worn out her welcome in my book and how I wish she would not be getting more than the perfunctory fifteen minutes of fame. For that matter, she has worn me out and I am dog-dead tired of her, “its not my doing” tude. Oh and a, I can guarantee that I won’t be buying or reading Ms. Palin’s book. Harsh? Come to think of it, nah….

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