Life Beyond 50

by John Kirk

Article written by John Kirk

Yes, there really is life beyond 50.........lots of it. Now that the children have grown up and begun to move out, our priorities can change dramatically. We begin to think more about ourselves. Little things that used to bother us seem less important as we learn to focus on our personal needs rather than the needs of our children.

Once we pass the age of 50, words and phrases such as retirement, travel, downsize, empty nest and volunteer work begin to enter our vocabulary. Listening to the “Oldies” radio station, hanging pictures of grandchildren and gardening were things I never thought I’d do… until now. But that’s not all that life beyond 50 represents.

As we get older, lifestyle takes on a new importance. Things that we may have missed out on in our 30s and 40s, we now have time to do. We find that we now can learn to master the internet. We can finally begin to understand just what HTML means and we now have the time to build a website and research all about how online marketing works. We can find out what a Blackberry is or what 3G means. Above all, we have time to think.

We can also engage in meaningful conversations with others of our own age rather than debating the merits of some 23-year-old pop singer with your kids. Don’t get me wrong here. I enjoy talking with my 4 kids. However, I find that life beyond 50 is fantastic because I enjoy conversing with people who have had some life experience and who have lots of memories.

Another change that occurs when we pass 50 is that we begin to think more about our health. Many of us start walking, running, swimming and exercising……..things that we may not have done for years. From a personal point of view, I feel fitter and healthier now at the age of 58 than I did when I was 45. Although I still work fulltime, I feel less stress and always find time to do lots of walking or running every week.

Since turning 50, my life has just continued to get better. My wife, Faye, and I left Sydney a little over 12 months ago and moved to the Illawarra area of the New South Wales south coast. We bought a comfortable little townhouse within 10 minutes of beach and lake. It’s like being on a permanent holiday. Our family lives close by and we see them regularly.

Since leaving “the big city” last year we are now living the dream. Life is good……..very good, thank you!

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