Little Boo Sends Angels To Help Those In Need

by Martha Jette
(Hamilton, Ontario)

To nine-year-old Boo of Coralville, Iowa, having angels around is as natural as breathing. Ever since he was tiny, he’s talked about them to his mother, Susan.
“He is a very special boy, Martha,” Susan told me recently. “He has always had a “connection” to angels. Ever since he was little, he would talk about angels and how they helped people, especially sick ones.”
She cited an incident that occurred when Boo was just five years old and in Kindergarten. At the time, Susan’s 85-year-old father was rushed to the hospital with what they first believed was pneumonia. Unfortunately, it was much more serious. Her father needed quadruple bypass surgery.
“He wasn’t given much of a chance at all. In fact, I heard nurses telling each other, ‘It’s just a matter of time.’”
During one of Boo’s rare visits to see his grandpa, Susan said he let her father know that the angels would help him.
“Boo reached to his chest, made a fist and put his fist on dad’s chest. He then told grandpa that whenever he sent his angel, she would come with extra love for his heart.”
Despite the youngster’s good intentions, his grandpa made a turn for the worse after the surgery and for several days, Susan wasn’t sure if he’d make it. At about 9 p.m. as she was tucking Boo into bed she attempted to tell him gently that he might loss his grandpa, but the child would have none of it.
“Nicholas listened to it all and stated that he was sending angels to help repair grandpa. He prayed and told the angels, ‘Do it right please. I need my grandpa.”
Boo then pushed out his chest and proclaimed that the angels were to take his love to grandpa.
“He told me the angels would take care of grandpa and his face lit up like no ones business!
The following morning, Susan was amazed to learn that her father was off his ventilator, sitting up and sipping water.
“He had color and he was breathing on his own with no problem. I asked the nurse what happened and she said that about 9 p.m. or so, he began to mess with the tubes, so they called a doctor and removed (it).”
Though the nurse said his sudden turn for the better was due to the medication he was given, Susan said she knew better.
“The doctors say his heart is as good as ever and he could well live until his late 90’s… this is five years after they gave up on him and five years after a little boy sent him angels.”
Of course, grandpa was thrilled as well.
“My dad still tells people, including his surgeon that a little boy and his angels helped him in surgery and in recovery, and the doctors have learned not to question my father when it comes to Boo and his angels.”
When Boo was young, he also saw the 911 incident on television and immediately prayed as he watched the towers fall. This is definitely a child with true compassion for others, which makes his mother very proud and rightly so.
Last year when he was 8, a neighbor was struggling with colon cancer.
“Nicholas sent Craig angels every night,” said Susan. “Craig always nicely thanked him for them saying they comforted him and helped him to sleep. He said he knew when they were there and he told Boo that when they came to see him, his pain faded away, and he could rest easier.”
One particular night, Boo was a bit late getting to bed. Instead of the usual 8 p.m. prayers, it was 9 p.m., but Boo said he was sending “an army of angels” to keep Craig from being afraid and to help him pass over to God. The following day, Susan went to visit Craig and he commented, “My angels were late last night.”
The man added that the angels were an hour late, but when they arrived there were lots of them, which brought Susan to tears.
“He died a few days later and at his funeral mass, the priest told of Craig telling him about the ‘beings’ in his room, in the corners, just out of his sight but being comforting and helping him to make peace. The priest didn’t know Craig all that well, so he was a bit confused. I took him aside later and told him about Nicholas’ angels that he sent. The priest shed a tear himself and stated, “Out of the mouths of babes. Your son has a gift. He has been blessed.”
Susan told me Boo still sends his angels where they are needed and has a heart of gold when it comes to helping others. He even helped his mom when she fell and was told by a doctor that her ankle was broken.
“Nicholas said it needed to be fixed and he sent an angle to be with me. It wasn’t broken and still has the doctors shocked at the fact.”
One time, Susan asked her young son if sending all the angels to others was a good idea. What if he needed their help?
“He seriously told me that God gave him as many angels as he needed and not to worry… he’d never run out of angels.”
But how did Boo come to acquire such a wonderful gift? Susan believes it may have something to do with her own personal belief in angels.
“He is a lot like me,” she said. “I get what my grandmother called “feelings” when things are going to go wrong and I listen to the feelings, and twice my guardian angel has spoken to me right before an accident. The words were as clear as if there were someone in the car with me and both times, I listened. What could have been bad accidents were minor ones because I was smart enough to listen.

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