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July 2009
Vol. VI
Issue # III

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Hello Everyone!

It’s officially summer in Southern Ontario and I’m loving every minute of it! I’m especially happy because I’ve settled in with my older daughter and family. They have a wonderful back yard with a big deck where I can sit out and enjoy the sunshine. There is also an above ground pool, great for taking a dip when I get too hot. And I always have the company of my delightful granddaughter and grandson. My dog, Angel, a little shi tzu, also loves the back yard where she can run and explore everything. All in all, it’s a little corner of paradise, which my daughter and family have chosen to share with me and I couldn’t be happier.
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In This Issue



This month’s story comes from Rosa (RJ) Blanco of Chula Vista, California. Rosa shares a near death experience she had in Ponce, Puerto Rico in 1966.

A View of Beyond... Did I Die and Glimpse At Heaven?

By Rosa Blanco

I was floating without assistance. I could see tiled white floors, white cabinets and some lights. I could see people working around someone - five people - it seemed to me. I saw a setting similar to what I imagine is done in movies to make it seem like there is a ceiling there. No ceilings really, just those cabinets... I remembered eerily.
I somehow knew it was me on the stretcher but I wasn’t concerned about me. No fear that I could feel. No Pros or Cons- just total peacefulness. I was looking... just for the sake of looking.
Next thing that caught my attention was a very bright light. I cannot even say that it was a light; it was more like a fog. A misty fog but extremely bright. To imagine the brightness, imagine a fluorescent lamp- a huge, bright fluorescent light. A clear, pure, soft to the eye fluorescent bright, white fog was where I seemed to be but, not for long...
A door was opened. The shape of a door really, because I don’t remember seeing the “door.” Two figures were ‘there’ and all else was bright. The tall man was standing there with a child in front of him. He and the child were dressed in what I thought were white robes with hair that seemed to brightly shine. It was more like the area behind the man was brighter and made his hairs appear to glisten. I felt I knew him. I was searchingly eying him because I knew him, knew him with a deep emotion... I felt it was my dear and loving grandfather who died when I was very young.
He was receiving all the feelings I had for him when he was alive. It was similar to communicating our thoughts without voicing the words, absolutely not voiced but thought. The child just stood there. The only thing I sensed of the child was her face. Her face with bangs around her beautiful aura. She was tenderly held in place by my grandfather as he was almost saying, “I had to see you but it is not yet time” or “You don’t belong here.”
I really don’t know all the specifics of what I felt or heard but I know I was sorry to be leaving him. I felt something very strong about coming back and leaving him but not about the young girl. There was no worry at leaving her but a deep peace... just the sheer beauty of her face that I etched deep into my heart.
Next thing I know, I’m back on a stretcher and I’m feeling pain, and hearing the cry of a baby. I started to touch myself where the pain came from and someone realized that I was alive and the anesthesia had worn off. I didn’t know that I was in labor or that the pain was from childbirth as they were putting in stitches. I was quickly put under again. This time, there was no light, no fog, nothing... I just slept.
My husband’s beaming face was the next thing I saw or remembered as he ran toward me with open arms. His warm kisses, his genuine gladness at seeing me alive and more of his kisses was all I remember of that particular time and... that girl’s gorgeous face.
I was informed that the priest had given me my last rites because I was at the brink of death. Apparently, I had gone into convulsions as I began childbirth. They felt sure the child was dead. My husband was called in but he had trouble getting there because of the airline strikes. I related to my husband the story of my floating and left it at that.
A few years went by and one day, I saw my daughter running toward me but when she looked up at me... I froze. I ‘saw’ the child at that ‘door’ right in front of me! My daughter looked exactly like the girl I saw in that foggy splendorous place in front of my grandfather.
Deep inside of me, I’ve questioned whether Norma Iris was given back to me by God or if my grandfather granted me the greatest gift of love. In my heart, grandfather gave her back to me with God’s generous blessings and I thank both every chance I get for my bundle of love.


Girls Capture Weird EVP

Four girls say they recorded spooky EVPs in their apartment. Was it because some of their friends experimented with the Ouija board? Or was it because one of the girls dabbled in witchcraft? Go listen to the recordings in the EVP Gallery HERE. What do you think?

EVP from a Cemetery

A woman named Kitty claims to have captured a child-like voice in a cemetery saying, “Get out,” after she asked, “Are you there?” Adding that it is a genuine EVP, she noted yet another one that says, “Wooo!” obviously trying to frighten her. To hear these and other EVP go to HERE.

Wedding Day Ghost

Liz, a reader of submitted the photo below of her aunt’s wedding day back in 1942. It was taken with an old box camera.


Yowie Man off to California

Those of you who read my book ‘Glimpses 2: (it could happen to you!)’ will be familiar with Tim the Yowie Man, who has embarked on countless adventures in an attempt to catch mysterious creatures, including the Yowie, better known in these parts as Bigfoot. Residing in Australia, Tim is now off to California to investigate the golden state’s Bigfoot, which was blamed for killing a dog in Acacia Hills.
“I think the Americans need a helping hand from an Aussie,” he said. “They’ve got more reports of alleged cryptids than anywhere else on the planet. They aren’t much good at solving mysteries.”
Okay, Tim. Let’s see what you can do!

Pilot Reports UFO in Texas

At the end of May, an ExpressJet pilot reported an unidentified flying object near the city of Liberty, Texas.
Shortly after taking off from Bush Intercontinental Airport, the pilot reported a near miss with the UFO. The unknown object was about 100 feet below the plane. The event only lasted seconds and the pilot took no action. The passengers and crew continued their flight without further complications.
The FAA and FBI are taking testimony and their first theory is that some model rocket enthusiast may have illegally shot one of their creations into the sky. So far, there is nothing conclusive and the investigation is ongoing. This makes me wonder though - just how many of these ‘near misses’ do we ever hear about?

Michael Jackson’s Ghost?

The video below is being touted as showing the ghost of Michael Jackson showing up during a taping of a CNN special with Larry King Live.

Four UFOs Over London?

A man named Derek Burden was just taking a photograph of London, England. No big deal, until after he took his camera home and began uploading them to his computer. He was shocked to see four UFOs that he had not seen when he took the photograph.
To see for yourself go HERE

Strange Picture

Another reader named Reg Trevithick submitted this photo of his niece and nephew showing off their new ‘candy’ teeth he’d gotten for them. Reg says the television was turned off and you can see the glow of the red standby light to prove it. However, you can easily see a strange creature in the TV.
Reg says police at one time in the past had arrived at the house to capture an Aboriginal man. Rather than be taken alive, the man shot himself to death.


Canada Wholesale Directory

Video of UFO Releasing Spheres – Mexico City

Newest Crop Circle may hold Dire Warning


Crop circle experts believe the latest pattern to be discovered, a phoenix rising from the flames in Wiltshire, may be a warning about the end of the world.
The 400-foot design was discovered in a barley field in Yatesbury near Devizes and depicts the mythical phoenix reborn as it rises from the ashes. Investigators say more formations are referencing the possibility of a cataclysmic event occurring on December 21, 2012, which coincides with the end of the ancient Mayan calendar.
The Mayans believed civilisation exists within a series of earth cycles of 144,000 days each with the 13th expiring in December 2012, resulting in Armageddon. Crop circle enthusiast Karen Alexander, from Gosport, Hants said: "The phoenix is a mythical creature, which symbolizes rebirth and a new era in many cultures across the world. Within the crop circle community many believe the designs are constantly referring to December 21 and its aftermath. This could be interpreted as the human race or earth rising again after a monumental event. The patterns are becoming more intricate with every find and it is exciting to think how they are going to evolve by the time we get to 2012."
Recent crop circles have included giant jelly-fish and one image discovered in Wiltshire in June which experts dubbed the most 'mind boggling' they had ever come across. The formation, measuring 150 feet in diameter, is apparently a coded image representing the first 10 digits, 3.141592654, of pi.


Bizarre UFO Abductions in Australia

The Internet is buzzing with reports that countless people in Australia claim aliens abducted them and took them to some kind of medical facility over the Blue Mountains.
George, a bank manager in Sydney, Australia, told a reporter: “I had the window wide open and was lying in my bed next to it trying to get a cool breeze happening. I was drowsy but definitely not asleep. Then I began floating out my window and over Sydney. I wasn't nervous but felt a bit surprised, like what the hell was happening. It was as if I had been sedated, thinking back. I saw the city pass by under or at least felt as if it was and then thought I might have been going over some bush or mountains. "I was on a platform and then on some kind of operating table in a chamber within a UFO, I think. I noticed odd ‘furniture' in the room: if you could call it that- unusual spheres and pyramids. There were beings over me. They appeared to be wearing white robes or togas of some sort. I could not see their faces or any bodily features. Nothing in this UFO chamber looked human. What looked somewhat like a dental or baking instrument was then inserted into my backside and pulled out and put away.”
UFOlogist Michael Cohen says that he believes people making these reports are telling the truth. He says many of them include similar details in their stories, and few of them had had any interest in UFOs before their abduction experience. They are just ‘regular people,’ he said.
It may not be clear what's causing the sudden interest in aliens by Australians, but Cohen has a few words of advice.
”I make a point of driving past the homes of abductees that contact me. I have noticed other common factors that in no way can correspond to the psychology of the abductees. Usually, abductees will live on wide open, boulevard type streets and the window they floated through will face this street. There are never any bars on their bedroom windows. A large percentage of abductees are single men, who won't be missed for a few minutes of absence at 3am.”


"The UFO phenomenon is real. The E.T. extraterrestrial presence is real."

UFO & New Energy Activist Stephen Bassett

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Final Thoughts

Be sure to catch the next issue of this newsletter, because I’ve lined up a story about a family pet who returns from the other side. See you then!
Until next time, remember:

Yesterday is history, tomorrow is a mystery. And today?
Today is a gift. That's why we call it the present.”
- B. Olatunji

Take care,

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