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February 2009
Vol. VI
Issue # 1

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In This Issue




By Allegra Vanderboegh

On the first night we arrived at our new home, I knew something was different. My parents had played my mediumship off to mental problems, depression, hallucination, etc. I was thirteen, almost fourteen, and setting up my new bedroom. I had the best view in the house, and the sun streamed through three windows. My mother had every plan on making it one of the prettiest rooms in the house.
Other things were going on, though, and I knew it had to be paranormal. We kept setting certain items, such as a pencil or keys, on the kitchen table, and turning round a few seconds later to find it missing. The item would later turn up in a different location. Other things, like doors shutting on their own, windows opened on their own, seemed as if there were a child playing pranks all around us. My parents refused to believe in the paranormal occurrences, but I kept catching glimpses of a little blonde head whipping around the house, especially around the basement and my room.
The instances seemed to blend into the wallpaper... We forgot about it until about two years ago, when it turned into a sort of frenzy. I'd be left alone in the house and find all doors and windows opening and slamming shut on a constant basis. I heard a small child wailing, as if terrified or in pain, and a girl crying and calling out for her mother. I recorded a five minute EVP (electronic voice phenomena) using an ordinary mini-cassette recorder that I normally used during my college lectures. What I recorded I could not explain... Absolute chaos. Crying, screaming, a little girl calling, "Mommy!" A woman shouting, "Get out!" A man roughly yelling, "Shut up!"
At this time I was dating my fiance. My fiance, Will, is also a medium to a sense. His best friend, Cassi, has the gift so deeply, she can channel entities if they wish to convey a personal message. I got on the phone to them as soon as I was able to, my laptop on, and tried to record video. The only thing I found was when a friend was viewing my webcam on instant messenger, and saw a man covered in blood standing in one of the bedrooms. I went to the kitchen, sat down at the table, and everyone heard it... Myself, Will, Cassi, and one of my friends on instant messenger...
I jumped a few feet in the air.
Cassi then got her first visitation, from the little girl. She was six, scared, and her name was Sandra. All she could tell us was that her daddy was mad at her for some reason, she didn't know why.
Next, Cassi pulled the father. For some reason, after the initial blast of arrogance and anger, Daniel, Sandra's father, recognized Cassi.
Once Daniel had left, Cassi had a flashback.
She remembered every angle really, about the night it happened. It was a bad night, during the Depression of the '30s. My parents' neighborhood turned out to have had slum lands built on the entire property. The only thing I ever found about the property was that it had been farmland before the house was built in the 1960s.
But I found the records that proved there were slum lands, thousands of tiny shacks and tents, barely big enough to fit three people, built in clusters on each block.
Cassi remembered Daniel coming home after being fired from his job to a very angry wife who thought he'd been cheating on him. He had worked at a speakeasy as security. The main woman in charge of the girls had come to the shack to try to find him, but he'd already left for work. She'd been vague about the reason she wanted to see Daniel, but Emily was adamant... She truly thought he was unfaithful. She told him she was going to take their three children - Timothy, 10, Sandra, 6, and Billy, barely 3 - and leave, make for the South, where her mother lived.
Daniel was also manic depressive and extremely bipolar. Of course, they weren't informed of these sorts of disorders in those days. Daniel was in the midst of a true manic blackout by the time he'd reached the shack.
When Emily attacked him as he entered, he truly lost his mind.
He commenced to chaining Emily and all the children to the heavy oak table in their makeshift kitchen/living room arrangement. Then he whipped and beat them all until they each in turn died.
About fifteen minutes later, he came to himself and realized what he had done. In a flurry of depression, grief, anguish and shame, he took his gun, which he had kept under the makeshift mattress he and his wife had slept on. He shot himself in the head. Once I got the entire story from Cassi, I had to leave the house - right then and there. I was so creeped out. While I was out gathering information on the family, Cassi reconciled Sandra and Daniel, but Emily would have none of it. Timothy and Billy had each passed over. Billy, simply because he was too young and Timothy, after one of my earlier experiences, sent him over.
Sandra and Daniel both crossed over into the light. Emily wouldn't leave it alone. Emily's still in my parents' home, quietly. I still see her now and then when I visit. The thing is, I found birth and death certificates for every single one of them - all five. I also found Daniel and Emily's marriage certificate. I found a microfilm of a newspaper clipping as well as a picture of all five of them - I recognized them all, as did Cassi.
It just goes to show how some paranormal recurrences can lead to real truth!

Aly writes a paranormal blog that you can check out HERE.


Sylvia Browne Makes Her 2009 Predictions

Since the economy is at the forefront of most people’s minds right now, Sylvia Browne gave her predictions on this topic and others during her Spirit Now webinar in December. Sylvia predicted that the economy would begin to improve around May.
“We are going to recover a great deal this summer,” she said.
She noted an earlier prediction that Obama would become president and added that he has surrounded himself with “smart financial people.”
Sylvia noted that there are only about 20 companies that rule the Dow on the stock market. This year there will be a significant rise in the number of “mom and pop” businesses both on and off the Internet. She suggested that we begin to think locally, rather than globally by supporting local businesses to boost the economy and provide more jobs.
Overall, Sylvia said the trends in the market were really inevitable.
“We were flying so high that we had to level off.”
On a final note on the economy, she added that there would be no depression. In fact, she said that if she had the money, she would buy now because the economy will “come back.” She then clarified that statement by saying she would not invest in the stock market, which is like a “roll of the dice.” Rather, she would put her money into real estate.
Here are some of her other predictions for 2009:

Oil: Sylvia prices fell as she predicted and should improve even more by spring. Wall Street: More regulating of Wall Street will come this year. There will also be new loan companies that are government regulated.
Jobs: Like Roosevelt’s Benefit Program, Obama has a plan that will put more people to work.
Iraq: Troops should begin coming home by December of next year, more in the spring and the last of them in the fall of 2010.
Banks: “Most banks are safe, so you shouldn’t panic.”
Weather: There will be tsunamis and earthquakes in the Far East. The mid-western part of the U.S. and Florida will see “terrible weather.” There will be flooding in Kansas, Missouri and the southern states. There will also be “many blackouts in the east” this winter, with “brownouts” in the mid-west. Overall, Sylvia said 2009 will be “a bad year weather-wise.”
Hollywood: Brad and Angelina are in trouble and will break up by the end of the year. Clint Eastwood will have some kind of “leg problem” and may need veins removed. Robert Redford will get an award related to a documentary he produces. Britney Spears will become ill and not perform for four months. Paris Hilton will be jailed again, this time due to an accident. Nichole Richie will separate from her husband and the Olson Twins will be picked up on drug charges.
Accidents: Sylvia predicts many train accidents particularly because the tracks are “not good.” She also predicts two airplane crashes on the East coast.
Terrorism: Later in January there will be a terrorist attack near Paris. There will also be three in India in February. She noted that “the U.S. is safe” but there will be many strikes by builders and dockworkers.
The President: Sylvia expressed concern that there will be attempts to take Obama’s life and suggested he get some kind of vehicle like the Pope Mobile to get around.
Crime: There will be a major bank robbery involving a Brinks truck in Los Angeles. There will also be significant problems with gangs in Texas and Louisiana, as well as Oakland, California.

Sylvia made a few personal predictions as well that are sure to come true. First of all, she has written a new book entitled “All Pets Go To Heaven.”
“I wrote it because so many ministers and priests have said that animals don’t have souls. That just makes me crazy.”
Sylvia has four dogs herself.
And finally, Sylvia is GETTING MARRIED! Yes, on Valentine’s Day of this year, she will wed her sweetheart Michael.

I don’t know if any of you are aware of it but Sylvia Browne holds a live webinar once a month on She always talks on a particular subject, such as angels, life themes and so on. When you sign up for the webinar, you can ask Sylvia one question, which she may or may not answer on her show. As an added bonus, one listener will receive a free reading with her, so it’s worth checking it out.

Diamond-Shaped UFO Spotted

A video taken by an 18-year-old man in Pasadena, California in early January was recently published on YouTube. This is quite extraordinary, as it clearly shows a diamond-shaped, unknown flying object. Diamond-shaped craft are rare and there have been few clear UFO images like this one.

If you can’t see the video, go Here

Bonnie Returns

Those of you who read my last newsletter will know about Mike Firesmith, who claims that Bonnie of the infamous Bonnie and Clyde duo was coming regularly to visit him in his dreams. Well, he likes to think it was all a dream, because he doesn’t believe in the paranormal. In fact, he adamantly states” “I do not believe in ghosts! Pretty much, I do not believe in supernatural beings, occurrences, or anything that was once dead coming back in the same form as it had when it was alive. We are alive. We are dead. There is not some space in between these two conditions.”
Either way, she’s still coming around. Here is his latest update:

On November the 11th of last year I had a dream that Bonnie Parker was sitting on my bed talking to me about writing, death, and her life. It was as terrifying then as it was last night. In case you missed my earlier bouts with recurring nightmares, the supernatural, or hallucinations, this is Bonnie's fourth and fifth trip in.
That's right; two in one night.
Like the first dream I ever had of Bonnie, last night I dreamed I woke up, or I actually did wake up, to find her sitting on the edge of the bed with Sam's head in her lap. She was singing the same lullaby to him, petting him with her right hand, and holding the barrel of a Browning automatic rifle with the other.
Now, for those of you whose first instinct is to tell me how interesting it is to have a dead red headed woman holding a thirty-caliber light machine gun sitting on the edge of your bed, might I suggest that you actually have some experience in the matter? To begin with, she'd dead. Dead people do not pet Sam's head, and carry rifles into my bedroom. Oh, I get it, now's the time when you point out this is clearly a dream. I totally agree with you. It is most certainly a dream. But while I'm having the dream there isn't a way for you to email me and remind me of this.
Now, for those to you who are still wondering what all the fuss is about I want you to try something. Try waking up and finding anyone, alive, dead, with any name, engaged in any activity, or either gender or any hair color, where it would not terrify you they are holding a thirty-caliber light machine gun. I'm not, generally speaking afraid of guns at all, but again, generally speaking, I do not wake up to discover armed dead red headed women sitting on my bed, singing to Sam. In point of fact, to find a living person who was unarmed on my bed might be enough to scare the hell out of me. So let's just agree that terror is a normal and expected reaction.
It was a strong enough reaction for me to sit up, and suddenly I found myself sitting up. It's a full moon, and no, that has not been a defining factor in her appearances, so I could see pretty clearly the entire room. No one was there. It's not like there was going to be, right?
I got up and let the dog out. They like moonlight, and for the life of me I do not understand why it gets them so cranked. It's fairly cold so I went outside, got another piece of firewood and threw it on the fire. I lay down on the sofa to watch the fire for a while, and then let the dogs in. More fire watching ensued.
Bonnie came in and sat with her back to the fire, and started talking to me. Armed, dressed in a pair of loose fitting pants and a coat, with her hair tucked under a round hat, she started talking about how a friend of hers in Dallas talked her into going to some little community just inside Dallas to look for a job. They both were tired of being waitresses, but Bonnie didn't like the idea of just quitting her job without knowing more. They rode out to this place and the guy there tried to get them both drunk, and tried to talk them into ‘entertaining’ some friends of his for pay. That really pissed Bonnie off, and she kinda thought her friend already knew what the guy was up to though she pretended to be insulted when Bonnie got pissed.
I couldn't see her face clearly but she moved her free hand back and forth as she spoke, casting all sorts of weird shadows all around the room, as if they were stray spirits loosed from her body. The fire cracked and jumped behind her, and at times her voice seemed as if she was whispering, and at other times I could hear her clearly. She has a very odd sort of western accent that I cannot pin. Usually, when she starts speaking to me her language is fairly clean but as she gets into her story she can cuss with the best of them.
Bonnie isn't beautiful but she has a nice smile. She's a tiny woman, and I bet she doesn't weigh a hundred pound soaking wet. I don't remember what happened but I woke up on the sofa, with Sam poking me with his nose, and the fire was exactly like it was when Bonnie was talking to me. I got up and sat down where Bonnie was sitting and gestured my hands like she was but the shadows were not nearly as strong.

Learn Fateful End of Bonnie & Clyde
Ghosts of Bonnie & Clyde

Victor Zammit’s Afterlife Report

If you haven’t kept up with Victor Zammit’s Afterlife Report, it’s certainly worth the read. Each month, he writes on a topic related to life after death. Last month, he wrote about a new book designed to help you talk to your children about pre-birth memories. “Henry Oops A Baby” by Dr. P.M.H. Atwater focuses on an animal that has moved from the spirit world into the physical world, experiences being in the womb, being born, seeing spirits afterward as part of life in the physical world.
In fact, Dr. Atwater has a whole line of books featuring different animals and their experiences. You can download “Henry Oops A Baby” FREE Here.

Astronomers Claim Jesus Born In June

By charting the appearance of the ‘Christmas Star,’ astronomers claim that Jesus was born in June, not December.
The Australian researchers discovered that the bright star that appeared over Bethlehem 2007 years ago pinpoints Christ’s birth as June 17. They also claim that what the Wise Men saw was actually a conjunction of the planets Venus and Jupiter, which together formed a single “beacon of light” that shone in the night sky at that time.
Australian astronomer Dave Reneke used complex computer software to chart the exact positions of all celestial bodies and map the night sky as it would have appeared over the Holy Land. Mr. Reneke said the wise men likely interpreted it as the sign they had been waiting for, and it to Christ's birthplace in a stable in Bethlehem, as described in the Bible.
The astronomy lecturer, who is also news editor of Sky and Space magazine, said: "We have software that can recreate exactly the night sky as it was at any point in the last several thousand years. We used it to go back to the time when Jesus was born, according to the Bible. Venus and Jupiter became very close in the year 2BC and they would have appeared to be one bright beacon of light. We are not saying this was definitely the Christmas star - but it is the strongest explanation for it of any I have seen so far. There's no other explanation that so closely matches the facts we have from the time. This could well have been what the three wise men interpreted as a sign. They could easily have mistaken it for one bright star. Astronomy is such a precise science, we can plot exactly where the planets were, and it certainly seems this is the fabled Christmas star."
Mr. Reneke, formerly chief lecturer at Port Macquarie Observatory in New South Wales added: "December is an arbitrary date we have accepted but it doesn't really mean that is when it happened. This is not an attempt to decry religion. It's really backing it up as it shows there really was a bright object appearing in the East at the right time. Often when we mix science with religion in this kind of forum, it can upset people. In this case, I think this could serve to reinforce people's faith."
Source: The Telegraph (UK)

Canada Wholesale Directory

Glowing Eyes

While taking photos in our local park, the picture below was captured that seems to have a ghostly face with glowing eyes. The person who snapped the shot says there were no lights in the area, just a wall at the end of the park. In two other photos, there was a strange mist.


Ghost Hunter gets More than He Bargained For

A Lancashire landlord got more than he bargained for on a ghost hunt night at Samlesbury Hall. Dave Moore, 36, who runs The Victoria pub in Watkin Lane at Lostock Hall, claims he came face-to-face with a spooky sight that appeared to be the face of a Victorian woman with long, curly hair and wearing a V-neck dress. You can see the video at


“Read not to contradict and confute, nor to believe and take for granted, but to weigh and consider.”

Sir Francis Bacon, British Empiricist

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Final Thoughts

Be sure to catch the next issue of this newsletter, because I’ve already lined up a very intriguing story. As well, I’ll be telling you about a ghost hunt that I went on myself recently!
Until next time, remember:

Yesterday is history, tomorrow is a mystery. And today?
Today is a gift. That's why we call it the present.”

- B. Olatunji

Take care,

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