March 2009
Vol. VI
Issue # 2

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Hello Everyone!

In my last newsletter, I promised to tell you about an interesting case that my daughters and myself went on with regard to spirits in an apartment, so here goes:

I received an urgent email from a woman named Lorraine who lived with her daughter in an apartment in Guelph, Ontario. Lorraine was just about at her wits end over spirits that seemed to take up residence with them. They had lived in the apartment for about nine months before any of the paranormal activity began.
Lorraine has always had special gifts, such as clairaudience (clear hearing), clairvoyance (clear visibility) and claircognizance (knowing things from unknown sources). When a young blond-haired, blue-eyed boy appeared to her during an electrical storm on April 26 2006, however, she was stunned.
“It was the most unbelievable thing that ever happened to me,” she wrote.
Well, Lorraine wasn’t terribly concerned about the young spirit until he appeared to her teenage daughter Madeline in August 2008. Madeline also began seeing orbs and lights in her room at night, and was being pushed into walls by an unseen entity. She also saw a young woman from the back standing in her bedroom. The spirit was dressed in white but shrouded in a “violet, whitish, grayish” hazy fog. Madeline was so frightened that she ran into her mother’s bedroom.
Lorraine was extremely distraught and depressed over the loss of her mother on August 31 2008 and cried often. One day, she heard her mother talking in the hallway. She also experienced having her hair touched. Madeline was even visited by her grandmother, who appeared in her room touch some trinkets she had given to her granddaughter. Since Lorraine still had her mother’s ashes in the apartment, she decided to give them to her brother in the hopes that things would settle down. I had mentioned via email to Lorraine that having the ashes was not a good thing and also that her deep depression was likely keeping her mother earthbound.
Unfortunately, things did not settle down, as she wrote: “Last night, at 12:45am, I had another experience. I had fallen asleep on the couch... just dozing - not a deep sleep... when all of a sudden comes this crash! My kitchen chair (heavy white-iron) had fallen to the floor in the dining room. That definitely got my attention. My cats were freaking out.” Another night while Lorraine was in bed, she heard a voice in her ear that she believes was a friend named Rita who passed over on October 7 2008. Yet another night, she heard a very loud voice in her ear that said, “HELLO!” She described the accent as being American and the voice, happy and rather chirpy - kind of “Vaudeville” sounding.
By January 2009, both Lorraine and her daughter were pretty fed up. Madeline was having a terrible time trying to sleep at night and Lorraine was very concerned for her daughter’s mental and physical well being. With regard to Madeline being pushed and shoved about by an unseen entity, Lorraine said she also saw an apparition of a teenage boy. She’d done a little discrete digging into any events that may have occurred in her building that might account for this and apparently, there was a teenage boy who committed suicide about two to three years back in an eighth floor apartment. Lorraine is on the second floor. However, what she learned floored her.
“The description of the boy is exact to what I saw, but why show himself to me? It was uncanny that the very same week (prior to the event)...I had talked to the mother and sisters of this boy, and he WAS very much on my mind all week. I felt such an affinity toward him - being a mother myself of four children. It also turns out that a friend of my sons and daughters actually knew the boy and went to school with him. (He was around 14 years old, and he hung himself in his mother's bathroom) He was depressed, which is all I know, as I find it too painful to ask any questions of anyone, especially about such a sorrowful and terrible tragedy.”
About a month ago, my daughters and I visited Lorraine and Madeline at their apartment. We have all seen spirits in the past and had conducted safe séances. Lorraine’s daughter Stephanie, who is 22, was also present. Stephanie excitedly told me that, that very same morning, she heard her grandmother yelling up the stairs for her to get up. I guess grandma knew it would prove to be a very interesting day.

Photo shows (from left) my daughter Jennifer, Lorraine and Stephanie.

Also present was a friend of Stephanie’s as well as a fellow named Jason, who had collected hundreds of orb photos and shots of UFOs as well. We began with a little conversation in the living room and I suggested that perhaps the teenage boy was responsible for pushing Madeline around. Then moved into the back bedroom where most of the activity occurred. There we set up a table to prepare for the séance.
At first, we didn’t have much luck and then my mother Vera, who passed over years ago came to talk to us. I should explain that the way I conduct séances is not with an Ouija Board (I’ve had bad experiences with them in the past.). I prepare my own letters and numbers on cut out pieces of paper and lay them around the table in a circle. Instead of a planchette, I use a light glass or teacup, which all participants place their index finger gently upon.
We knew that there were a number of spirits in the apartment and according to my mother there were a lot of them. She referred to one of them as a baby, so I asked if she was referring to the little boy. When she said yes, and that she was very concerned about him. I asked her if she could take him to the light, which of course, she agreed to do.

Photo shows orb by light right over the table where we held the séance.

I also asked my mom what Lorraine should do about the other spirits and she said, “Ask them to leave.” She added, “Don’t worry people because there is no death.” I asked if reincarnation was valid and she said, yes, we do come back.
Lorraine’s mother then visited and had a message for her granddaughter Madeline: “Be good.” Lorraine and Madeline both agreed that grandma always said that. She also said, “I love you” to both of her granddaughters.
We all chatted afterward and were happy that my mom had rescued the little boy. As to the other spirits, I gave Lorraine some sage incense and asked her to burn it while demanding that any spirits present in her apartment get out immediately. I also reminded her that mourning her mother’s death would leave the door open to spirits on the other side. My daughters also talked with her about these things. Of course, I knew this would be difficult for her and I’m still hoping she will get to that point eventually. We all knew that the paranormal activity under such circumstances would likely continue but left with fingers crossed that it wouldn’t.

Photo shows orb in living room, which was present when we sat and talked.

For about a month following our visit, all seemed quite in Lorraine’s apartment. However, Lorraine has written that she has been pushed and Madeline was experiencing orbs and lights in her bedroom again making it difficult to sleep. Unfortunately, I haven’t been able to return to their apartment but have contacted a couple of ghost investigators that I hope to hear from soon. In the meantime, I asked Lorraine to again burn the sage and to keep demanding that the spirits leave. She was to tell them they had passed over and did not belong there. It was her apartment and they needed to get out!
I’m quite sure this is not the end of Lorraine’s story and will provide any updates as I get them.

Photo shows orb near ceiling by door to balcony.

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Skeptic Becomes A Believer

By Harriette Schwartz

I have said many times before that if someone had told me years ago I would be believing in and writing about spirit visits, I would have told them they were off their rocker! I did not grow up and evolve into a believer with ease. It happened much later in my life, but I am blessed that it did. To what I am certain would be my own surprise back then as well, I am the co-author of LOST PALLIES, a book full of true stories of After Death Communication.
My own first spiritual contacts made fear set in. It was just after the death 15 years ago of Jay, my late husband. My mind simply wrapped itself around the fright and discounted the truth, that being Jay was still with me. In hindsight, each event that happened after his death in my home was surreal and brief. Thus, it was easy to simply dismiss them to imagination or my other favorite term, coincidence. It was all the orderly part of my mind trying to calm my nerves, because these ‘events’ scared the hell out of me.
That was 1993. In time, my fear has been replaced with the realization that spirit messages do happen. Jay has been active since immediately after his death. In life, he was always a determined man and in death, well, ditto. I have learned to pay closer attention and more events have come through my senses and not gone unnoticed. I can now even see ADC in hindsight, (i.e.) events that occurred years ago now make more sense. I can truthfully say that I have had contact and I for one believe.
There are those who would argue that this is a state of mind I wish to be in. After all, I am 58 and I have lost many dear to me at this point. Naysayers think some people need beliefs, which promise this life is not all there is. Indeed, it is a comforting thought for all baby boomers going over the hill kicking and screaming all the way to believe they will be reunited on the other side. Certainly it is something I look forward to when the time comes. So it is no surprise to learn that an online survey at an age 55 and up magazine showed 75% either had experience with and/or believed in the afterlife.
The countless incredible stories that have come my way since creating and running Mediums and Lost Pallies a couple of years ago on (a site called) EONS speak for the spirits. All I have experienced and learned shows me unequivocally that the afterlife is not imaginary. To the contrary, contact from beyond has happened to so many.
Over the years, I have received messages in many ways. I had to become more observant in order to receive them. This is not always easy to do. It may well be that some people come to the conclusion that there is an afterlife to make it easier to ponder the inevitable. I believe that if we open our minds and agree to ourselves to see things in a different light, then anything is possible.

Harriette Schwartz is co-author of the book Mediums and Lost Pallies: The Afterlife Has Found Its Voice And Now It Won’t Stop Talking.


Canada opens UFO Files

Wow. All I can say is yay for Canada and it’s about time! The Canadian government has now given the public access to 9,500 digital documents relating to UFOs beginning in 1947 and continuing until the early 1980s. The files under the title “Canada’s UFOs: The Search for the Unknown” include letters, documents and sightings reports from the National Defense Department, Department of Transport, National Research Council and Royal Canadian Mounted Police. You can view the site HERE!
While there is a lot to explore on the site, I have broken down some of the initial pages for easier access:

Project Magnet: Minutes of first meeting (Click the tiny icons at the top of the page to read more.)
Project Second Story 1952
Canada/U.S. Agreement 1959/60 to institute a joint reporting system
1966 – Former prime minister, Lester B. Pearson asked for reports on UFOs
1967 – Falcon Lake, Manitoba UFO sightings report
1967 - Department of Defense Classified Letter re: turning files over to the National Research Council 1967
Turning responsibility over to the National Research Council
1968 – NRC receives letter from German man and aeronautical engineer
about a saucer-like vessel intended to be Hitler’s secret weapon.

Investigation report on above

The Orion Project Campaign

Those who listened the President Obama’s speech recently know that he talked about alternative energy sources and the need for clean, reliable energy. Knowing about UFOs and how they operate is potentially invaluable to the current energy problems around the world. Those at the Orion Project, especially Dr. Steven M Greer of The Disclosure Project, know that this information is available and should be utilized now.
In this regard, the Orion Project has launched a major effort to get its Energy Briefing into the hands of the United States president as quickly as possible. We are talking about clean, free energy here. To learn how you can help, please go Here.


Woman Sues Over Exorcism

A former Texas woman claims she was abused during a forced exorcism in 1996 and has sued the Pleasant Glade Assembly of God. Laura Schubert, 29, said she suffered cuts and bruises during the exorcism and experience hallucinations afterward. Initially, the Texas Supreme Court rejected the claim ruling that the exorcism was a matter of church doctrine and subject to certain First Amendment religious protections. However, the state’s high court ruled against that decision stating that the church was liable for mental distress brought on by a “hyper-spiritualistic environment.” Though attorneys for the church said the girl’s psychological problems were triggered by traumatic events she witnessed with her missionary parents in Africa, a jury deemed the church and its members liable for abuse and falsely imprisoning the girl. She was awarded $300,000 but a further appeal reduced the amount to $188,000.

The Haunted Book

This story is about a young boy who often borrowed a book called “The Poems of Ossian, The Son of Fingal” from the Roy West Library at DePauw (formerly Asbury) University in the early 1800s. Apparently, the boy was so taken with the book that on various occasions, he even snuck it out of the library and took it to his room. Well the book, which was part of Governor James Whitcomb’s collection that he had donated to the library proved to be haunted by its former owner. One late night when the boy had just finished reading, he fell asleep but soon awoke with a sense of not being alone. He then saw a spectral finger pointing at him accusingly and heard a voice ask, “Who stole Ossian? A bony hand reached forward and the boy swore he felt a finger touch his cheek. The next morning, he promptly returned the book and told the librarian what had happened. He also promised to never take another restricted book out of the library. On January 26, 2009, The Greenscastle Banner of Indiana included a story about a group of investigators from Hoosier State Paranormal, who entered the library and went to the second floor where the book was safely stored in the Archives and Special Collections area. The group was lead by founder Chris Lien, who had gained access to the site for one hour after hours. Chris had already talked with people who had seen shadows or experienced other odd phenomenon it that area. “Armed with infrared cameras and thermometers, mini-digital video and audio recorders and EMF detectors, the group hurriedly set up its equipment. The lights went out and three of the investigators entered the Archive room. The others remained outside to monitor the recording equipment. Within a few minutes, a flash of light slid down the computer screen at the end of the table where the book sat. At one point, they caught temperatures spiking over 15 degrees above their baseline. They ran their thermometers over and over and continued to read the fluctuation. The temperature fluctuations were not by the Governor's book, but in a back office where a chair built in 1901 by inmates at the Indiana Reformatory sat. They shot video and used special recorders to try and pick up any voices that can't be heard by the human ear. The hour passed quickly with the group moving about the room and around the book while asking the Governor to talk to them. Apparently, they got their wish. Two EVPs (Electronic Voice Phenomenon) were recorded during the investigation.” When the governor was asked where he was, a voice replied, “I’ve been dead.” The second capture said, “I’ll be back.”

RAF Pilots in UK Ordered to Shoot Down UFOs

Nick Pope, a former employee with the U.K.’s Ministry of Defense on the UFO desk has revealed that Royal Air Force pilots have tried to blast UFOs out of the sky under a top secret British government directive.
Pope said UFO reports from credible witnesses had been received about near misses with planes, police helicopters and RAF jets. He added that RAF pilots have faced off with UFOs on several occasions but they failed to bring them down.
"We know of cases where the order has been given to shoot down -- with little effect to the UFO,” he said.
Pope said the rules of engagement were drawn up as a highly classified directive after dozens of close encounters with suspect craft in British airspace in the 1980s. If the UFO is deemed a threat, it should be shot down.
“There was a faction in the MoD who said ‘We want to shoot down a UFO and that will resolve the issue one way or another’,’’ he added.
Pope also noted more sophisticated weapons are being created that might bring a UFO down but he added that unless such an event occurs over a populated area, the public would not be told about it.

Canada Wholesale Directory

Was UFO Over Obama Inauguration?

There is much buzz on the Internet over a video taken by CNN the day of Obama’s inauguration that appears to show that a UFO was present. The video was taken just after Obama’s speech when Wolf Blitzer and Anderson Cooper were making their comments. Please note that no planes were allowed in the area during that event. To see the video, go Here.

Mayan Mystery Phantom

Clint Mason from Campbell River, B.C. visited the Chechen Itza of the Great Pyramid recently with his family. Little did he know that of the many photos he took, he would capture a very strange image. This is what Mr. Mason had to say about it:
“We were standing on the north side where the ‘stone snakes’ come down: twice a year on the solstices, people gather to watch the shadow ‘snake’ slither from the top to the bottom of the stairs. And if you stand on that side and clap your hands, you can hear this very strange, high-pitched, bird-like ‘ping,’ almost like a bullet ricochet or a bird chirp that is on fast-forward.
I was taking pictures while my family was clapping and I caught this. This is untouched and I had about 200 pictures on this camera, and this was the only one to show this form. I also checked five other cameras that my family had. Some took pictures at or very near the same time and we were standing side by side but do not show this form.
Zoom in to this picture and you can see a figure quite clearly. It looks very similar to many of the Mayan gods drawn and carved in stone. I don't know what it is. I have never seen anything before or since on that camera that makes me think it is a technical ‘issue’ with the camera. If it is a reflection, it sure is funny; it looks like it is running on the ledge of the pyramid.”

Canada’s Own Stonehenge?

The 5,000 year old stone cairn shown above is believed to be Canada’s version of Stonehenge. This Sun Temple and its exquisite ‘time machine’ - a Stone Age calendar -- led scientist Gordon Freeman to find striking similarities with the Stonehenge in England. Freeman has written a book about Canada’s Stonehenge, which includes photographs and maps that reveal much about the knowledge of early Native North Americans.

Boy Videotapes Ghost

A schoolboy has captured eerie footage of what he claims is a ghost striding towards banisters at his home. Terrified Reece Pitman, 12, heard whistling — and used his mobile to film the shadowy being. It came days after his nine-year-old sister complained that someone was mysteriously finishing her jigsaw puzzles at night.


“Don't go through life, grow through life.”

Eric Butterworth, Unity Minister & Author

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Final Thoughts

A big thank you to all my faithful readers! See you next month with more amazing tales. Until next time, remember:

Yesterday is history, tomorrow is a mystery. And today?
Today is a gift. That's why we call it the present.”

- B. Olatunji

Take care,


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