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November 2009
Vol. VI
Issue # VI

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Hello Everyone!

Well, I hit the big 6-0 this month but I have to be honest. I don’t feel any older. Though my fibro and arthritis make life difficult most days, I can’t even fathom the thought that I’m really that old.
People tell me I don’t look that old, so I’m not worrying about it. Age is just a number, after all and I know my mind is still working at top level. I believe that if one continues to read, write, be aware of what’s happening around them and maintain their interests in life, such disastrous illnesses as Alzheimer’s can be held at bay, hopefully indefinitely. I can’t imagine not being able to remember even ordinary, every day things like how to do the laundry, make supper or even dress myself.
My younger daughter sometimes works with folks who suffer from Alzheimer’s and I’ve had some experiences myself, so I understand the illness perhaps better than some people. But I refuse to succumb to it or any other major sign of age-related problems. Perhaps, it really is all in the mind! lol.

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Now on to all the paranormal news I have ready to share with you this month.

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This month’s story comes from an associate of mine named Michael from the Spirit Rescue group. It’s actually more of a pictorial, which I think you’ll find quite amazing.

Crystal Scrying Uncovers Sensational Images!

Michael Allen Simmons of Charleston, West Virginia has resurrected the ancient art of scrying with crystals and the results are more than a little amazing.
“I have seen things in them for years and one day, I tried to photo one of the images I scryed… and it worked!” he said.
Michael looks into each crystal in a dark room with a small light source. It takes some time but then he sees images contained in each particular stone’s field of vibration.

Atlantis Priest
Atlantis Priest
Christ-Like Figure (My Favorite!)

Scrying, also known as crystal gazing has been practiced by many cultures and belief systems throughout history to tell fortunes or to peek into the past, present or future. While some people go into a trance-like state, others like Michael simply stare into the medium for an extended period of time. Mediums that have been used include stones, glass, mirrors, water, fire and smoke.
The resulting images are believed to come from God, spirit, the psycic mind, the devil or simply the subconscious depending upon the beliefs of a particular scryer. In the early 19th century, Joseph Smith Jr., founder of Mormonism and the Latter Day Saint movement used ‘seer stones’ to receive what he believed were revelations from God.
Hobbit with Skull on Shelf

We don’t often hear about crystal scrying today but Michael says he can find something in most quartz stones he works with.
“I thought I would be well famous since I had never heard of anybody doing this,” he said, “but alas, nobody seems to be as amazed as myself.”
Well Michael, I think you definitely have a very special gift. Perhaps you will find a way to use it to help others.
Inca Temple & Guard

Windows to the All
WindowWhite Wizard

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Why Do Ghosts Wear Clothes?

The following article was written by Rhetta Akamatsu, a friend and fellow writer on Rhetta, who resides in Marietta, Georgia, is also the author of Ghost to Coast & Ghost to Coast: Tours and Haunted Locations. As well, she is associate editor of the ParaNexus Journal of Anomalous Research.

Recently, I was reading an article that listed questions kids ask about ghosts and one question was, "Why do ghosts wear clothes?"
It's a logical question. After all, if they are disembodied spirits, they obviously don't need clothes. But there are at least two answers I can easily think of.
The first is that most appearances of ‘ghosts’ are not actually disembodied spirits at all. They are residual hauntings, meaning that they are just replaying events that happened in the past over and over, like a kind of psychic movie or hologram. There is no intelligence behind it and the figures appear just as they did when the event they are re-enacting took place.
If you watch a lot of paranormal shows on television or if you have participated in paranormal investigations or experienced ghostly phenomena yourself, you've probably noticed that when there is actual, apparently intelligent interaction between people and ghosts, the ghost is almost never visible. The living person or persons will hear sounds, feel touched (and/or) see things move, but not see the actual apparition - or if they do see something, it's only a shadow.
Most of the time, when ghosts do interact with humans in a visible form, it is to a loved one, especially soon after death. There are exceptions to this, of course. People staying in haunted hotels for instance, sometimes wake to see apparitions in the room.
So when this does happen, why are the ghosts dressed the way they are? And along those same lines, why are so many alleged ‘spirit guides’ Native Americans with funny-sounding names? I think that the most likely theory is that ghosts appear to us in a form that our minds will be able to accept.
We know from physics that energy is only transformed or transmitted, but never destroyed. So the energy that inhabits our bodies must go somewhere when we die. Most likely, that energy has no actual form other than a blob of light, if it has a form at all. If it is possible for it to manifest as a form (as most researchers believe) by pulling energy from other sources such as cameras and other electrical instruments, then it may well choose to manifest in whatever way it feels the person it is manifesting for will feel least fearful of. (Unless it wants to scare someone and I think that would be very rare.) Since a naked ghost would be a scary sight indeed, the entity manifests with clothes on and looking as much like it did in life as possible.
As for those Native American spirit guides, there is a widely held belief that Native Americans were more spiritually attuned than other people. Whether this is true or not, it' s a popular belief, especially in New Age circles. So it would make sense for spirits who have passed over who want to be helpful to manifest in a form or identify themselves as a form that will be comfortable for the subject they wish to communicate with and through.
To learn more about Rhetta Akamatsu and her books please visit: and

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Baby displays Verses from Koran


A baby in Dagestan has been drawing international attention from the Arab community due to verses from the Koran that keep appearing on his body. At just a few weeks old, the word ‘Allah” in Arabic appeared on tiny Ali Yakubov’s chin. Since then, entire Koranic verses have appeared on various parts of his body. One will fade away and then another will appear somewhere else.
The baby’s parents did not want it know publicly until a phrase appeared one day that said, “Show these signs to people.” Now pilgrims from all over come to see what is written on the infant.
Apparently, Ali was diagnosed with coronary heart disease and cerebral spastic infantile paralysis at birth, but he recovered when the messages first appeared. According to his mother, little Ali cries, has a temperature and feels uncomfortable each time it happens. Though his parents are not particularly religious, local ‘muftis’ believe the messages are “a warning to all Muslims of Russia and Dagestan” to return to the wisdom of the religion of Allah, repent of sins and stop fighting.
Stigmata is considered to be a genuine psycho-physiological occurrence with hundreds of cases reported throughout history. However, it is believed that most cases seem to have stemmed from over-zealous religious types and that the mind actually produced the stigmata. How this could occur in an infant is a real mystery.


Join in on the most intriguing issues of the day!

Another Miracle in Poland?

Matthew Day of the in Warsaw has reported that a common communion wafer turned into real heart tissue. Although Professor Maria Sobaniec-Lotowaska of the medical university in Bialystok has apparently confirmed this as fact, other scientists simply aren’t buying it.
“The professor saw what she wanted to see,” said Professor Lech Chyczewski, who is a blood specialist. “She is very religious. In order to rule out any doubts, it would have been necessary to carry out molecular and genetic testing.”
Pawal Grzesiowskia, a biologist with the National Medical Institue believes the resulting substance is merely a wafer with bacteria that had grown on it and later fell into a water container.
Despite these skeptics, the Catholic Church says it’s not a hoax and local police ruled out the possibility of fraud.

Research Based on Near Death Reports


Intriguing Spirit Photos

Thanks to a colleague named Doris who lives in New London, Connecticut, I have some amazing spirit photos to share this month. The captions under each of them are in her own words.

Photo from 1976 with
myself and friend.
The photo has the same
energy rods as 2 others
you will see. Taken with
a Polaroid camera. After the
photo was taken, my Mom
said the camera was garbage
and threw it away.
This Photo was taken a few
years later, new camera and new
film. Well, Mom was ready to
can this camera also. lol Thinking
back, I think she new it
wasn’t the cameras.

Blue Orb - The young man in front of me lost his father to suicide. He has been tormented by this tragedy. He is one of my son's best friends. He asked me to make contact with his father.


( Rieki Session ) My Mom left
the vessel that guided her for
61 years in the spot I am
sitting. Denise (Rieki Master) best
friend of mine, were asking
my Mom for a sign she is
with the Angels when this photo
was taken. The porcelain angels
on the shelf were her favorites.
The orb was captured during this session.

British Medium holds Live Séance with MJ

I’m a little late to the punch on this one but it seems British medium Derek Acora of Most Haunted fame signed a deal with Rupert Murdock’s Sky1 HD to participate in two shows this month called Michael Jackson: The Live Séance and Michael Jackson: The Search For His Spirit. I wasn’t aware of it beforehand but the videos have now been uploaded to YouTube. Go .

Police Officer spots Aliens at Crop Circle

The reports that a police officer contacted British UFO experts after he saw three aliens at a new crop circle near Avebury, Wiltshire.
The unnamed sergeant was off duty at the time and stopped his vehicle to investigate. He said the ‘men’ were over six feet tall with blond hair. He also heard what sounded like ‘static electricity’ and the trio ran away “faster than any man he had ever seen. I'm no slouch but they were moving so fast. I looked away for a second and when I looked back they were gone. I then got scared. The noise was still around but I got an uneasy feeling and headed for the car. For the rest of the day I had a pounding headache I couldn't shift.”

Crop Circle at Avebury, Wiltshire
Crop circle researcher Andrew Russell, who is investigating the bizarre sighting, said the officer originally thought forensic officers dressed white coveralls were in the crop circle.
''They seemed to be inspecting the crop,” he said.
Crop circle expert Colin Andrews, who investigated the incident alongside Russell said, ''I am quite convinced the officer had an experience that day and one that we have not fully explored. I think with the unusual movement of the being and the poltergeist experiences there is too much additional information to say that is something in nothing.''

Vatican discusses Possible Alien Life

A recent five-day astrobiology conference held near the Vatican with both religious and scientific experts on hand looked into the possibility of finding other life in the universe.
The conference held by the Pontifical Academy of Sciences at Casina Pio IV, formerly the Pope’s villa, included discussion on the effect of finding life existing in myriad forms beyond this planet. In an interview earlier this year, Father Jose Funes, a Jesuit astronomer and director of the Vatican Observatory, suggested that possible “brother extraterrestrials” would pose no problem for Catholic theology. However, participants at the conference looked deeper into the social implications of such an event.
“The discovery of extraterrestrial intelligence… if there are beings elsewhere in the universe, then Christians, they’re in this horrible bind,” said Paul Davies, a theoretical physicist and cosmologist from Arizona State University. “They believe that God became incarnate in the form of Jesus Christ in order to save humankind, not dolphins or chimpanzees or little green men on other planets.”
In my view, however, an all-powerful God could easily have created other beings in the universe. As Jesus states in the Bible: “My father’s house has many mansions.” I think that says it all.

There has also been significant ‘chatter’ on the Internet over the past few weeks about possible disclosure of UFO and alien related information – maybe even by President Obama before or shortly after the New Year. Could this be why the Vatican is now taking the matter seriously? One has to wonder.
As well, NASA’s National Astrobiology Institute held its own conference with scientists, ethicists, religious leaders and philosophers last February to brainstorm and prepare a “road map of sensitive issues to address should the presence of life elsewhere be established.” Sounds to me like disclosure will be very soon indeed!

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"Without deviation from the norm, progress is not possible.”
Frank Zappa

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My News

1) Glimpses 2: (it could happen to you!)
UFO Digest, Alternative-Read,

Review of Glimpses 2 by noted
New Zealand Author John Haines

"Do UFO’s exist? How about angels? Is there life after death? Do you believe in soul mates? After reading Glimpses 2: It Could Happen to You you’ll be persuaded to answer a resounding ‘YES’ to all these questions.
Martha Jette has amassed a great wealth of stories in this compilation of ’90 strange but true paranormal stories from around the world.’ From ‘Elvira the Haunted Hearse’ to a powerful healer in Kuala Lumpur, from mischievous ghosts to meetings with dead family members, Glimpses 2 has something of interest for anyone sharing the need to look beyond the mundane of everyday life.
There’s a plethora of positive inspiration from these stories. One woman, who now practices and supports others with past life regression hypnotherapy, reported this from her experiences:
“One outcome of my past-life work is that I’m not afraid of death. I know I’ll see my loved ones. I know I’ll continue to learn, which is just about my all-time favorite thing. I know love goes on.”
There’s a very touching story of a 22-year-old mother of two embroiled in a dangerous relationship and intent on committing suicide. Her father had died when she was three months of age. He came to her in a dream the night before her planned suicide and told her it wasn’t her time yet. She woke from this nocturnal visit energized. She subsequently changed her plans and her life has turned into a positive adventure since then.
A Michigan woman’s experiences of something called retro-cognition are thought provoking. She felt crippling pain in her legs at the exact times the hijacked planes crashed into the Twin Towers on September 11, 2001.
Glimpses 2 serves as an undeniable reminder there is more to life than what we see in the physical world. The book has the capacity to expand the awareness of readers and to open a gateway into a world of spirit, a world perhaps more valid and real than our shared world of day-to-day life. Buy it. Read it. It may alter your perceptions and help you, too, overcome the fear of death.
For more information about the author, visit her Web site at: To buy the book visit at:"

2) Playing With The Devil: a true story of the horrid abuses suffered by 12 children in one Canadian family is also available at various sites. A YouTube video with regard to this issue has been removed. There was a complaint about it, so YouTube had it taken down.
You can find this book at and Saga Books.
Review by Author Darcia Helle

"Playing With The Devil is a novel based on truth. This is one of those stories that sticks in your head and won't let you rest. The abuse suffered by the children in this story is horrific. It's unbelievable that so much abuse could go on for so many years with no interference or help from anyone. Sadly, this isn't the first or the last family to suffer such an ordeal.
Martha Jette does a wonderful job of bringing awareness to a delicate subject. She forces us to look at the truth; to see what happens when we aren't willing to put ourselves on the line and get involved. I hope that people will read this book, then open their eyes a little wider. If so, perhaps together we can prevent more children from enduring these horrors."

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4) The Man With The Magic Spectacles co-written with Manohar Bhatia is now available. You can get a copy Here or Here.

5) Glimpses: True Stories of the Paranormal: Available by contacting me.

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CNN Film – UFO over Arizona
Angel Stories
What are Shadow People?

Very Interesting Site.
Human skull on the moon?
UFO Encounter Alabama

Final Thoughts

As many of you already know, my Yahoo mail account was infiltrated a couple of days ago. I was not at all pleased, as someone had gotten in and sent an email to all of my contacts that contained a link leading to an attack site. I spent all day sending emails to my contacts to warn them not to click on that link.
It was just a couple of months ago that someone got into my Gmail account and sent a bogus message to my contacts telling them I was in distress with no money and stuck in a foreign country. I can’t believe that there are idiots out there with nothing else to do but hack into other people’s sites just to cause trouble.
Of course, the moral of the story is that you MUST change your password every so often to ensure this doesn’t happen. Also, don’t reply to any email from someone you don’t know. I think once they get your email, they click on the source code, which gives them all the info they need. I have now changed all of my passwords and will do so again in another few months, so hopefully I won’t have this problem again.

Well, that’s it for this month. I hope you enjoyed the articles and links. I’ll be back in December with another issue of Glimpses of the Paranormal.
Until next time, remember:

Yesterday is history, tomorrow is a mystery. And today?
Today is a gift. That's why we call it the present.”
- B. Olatunji

Take care,

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