Obama is More Popular in Indonesia

by Selamat Riady
(Medan, North Sumatera, Indonesia)

Barack Obama is more popular in Indonesia. Most Indonesian scholars give him full support to win in the incoming election. Local newspapers also make positive reports about Obama. They say Obama position get stronger. Some say Barack Obama has a very good ESQ, which make him different with other candidates. Why Obama is so popular in Indonesia? There are many reasons, but one of the most important is Obama has ever studied in Indonesian university. So during his study, Obama get many friends. They knew Obama very well, and they are also sure that Obama will make thing different when he is entering White House. In some extent, Obama is seen as a young leader who gives inspiration for Indonesia to elect their young leaders too. During local election held recently, people tend to vote for young candidate. Further more, USA under Obama government is expected to introduce bilateral relationship with Indonesia based on mutual-respect, and mutual-understanding.

I propose a nice offer: Let America be a big garden in which various flowers could grow vividly. Those who have ever visited flower garden will find out there many colourful flowers in there. We'll see flowers in red, in blue, in yellow, in green, and many more. Those various colourful flowers make the garden so lively, so beautiful, so adoreful. Such garden can not be compared at all to monotonous garden. Monotonous garden make people get sick of.In this aspect, I find out United States Of America is a vast garden in which so many colourful flowers are growing endlessly. Dont ever let bad guys interrupt this vast garden. We all see they are now doing such thing by drawing a line between white-supremacist camp and black-fellow Americans.

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