Out of Body Experiences

By Psychic-Magic contributor MK Romero

OBE stands for Out of Body Experience. What is an OBE? It’s when your consciousness leaves your body and hovers around or goes on a trip all by itself. About one-tenth of the world’s population (one out of every ten people) report having experienced an OBE (or as they’re sometimes called OOBE). It is also called Astral Projection.

Researchers are now saying they can create OBEs in the lab through the use of virtual reality goggles.

When you think of virtual reality, think better than 3D. In the 1990s TV show VR5, characters donned special eyewear to experience alternate realities. The Kathleen Turner/Tommy Lee Jones movie House of Cards also used virtual reality.

There’s been some debate on whether the new technique actually creates an OBE. Subjects reported a feeling of displacement, but is that really an OBE? It could be less than an actual out of body experience and more of a new 3D virtual reality “thrill ride”.

Another study indicates that patients with damage to their brain’s temporo-parietal junction report sensations of floating above their bodies and looking down. This sounds more like what people describe when they have an OBE.

This brings up NDEs (Near Death Experiences), where people report floating above their bodies and watching medical staff work over their inert bodies. When the person is revived (or “brought back to life”), they can accurately describe what happened and tell everyone in the room what they were talking about.

It appears that the lab-created OBEs are nothing more than illusions that could be fodder for new video games. We don’t know precisely how or, more importantly, why OBEs happen. Is it a defense mechanism?

Maybe what we need to know isn’t how to create an OBE but why they happen in the first place. There must be a reason.

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