by Ravon'Simone Crawford
(Honolulu, Hawaii USA)

I'm breaking down
There's no one around
I can hear my heart beat
I can hear the steps
of other peoples feet
Around me

I want to cry
I feel ready to die
But that's not where i want to be
I want everyone to see
This person inside of me
That's afraid to peek
That's afraid to believe
That's afraid to achieve
That's scared to show the world
Who I really can be
This young girl from 74th street

Born from a mother
Scarce is the father
So why even bother
To begin to encounter
The stereotypes of the world
All these problems
Forced on a young girl

She looks to her right
She looks to her left
She suddenly realizes
There's no one there
She must face these times
In this world of crime
All alone and scared
Afraid that no one will be there
But then she sees a speck of hope
Something is there
Guiding her on
She stops and stares
Her nostrils flare
She covers her eyes

God is on her side

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