Poem on Unemployment

by Morgan Lawrence BS MS MA CIT CISM NTT PA
(Palm Beach, Florida)

Unwanted Intellect

Everyday he sits in his cave and watches in amazement
At the world as it goes on in circles of debasement
He feels the pain of the victims who suffer and cry
He is sure he could help them if they would let him try

His inquiries fall on deaf eyes and ears
His anger and confusion drive him to the point of tears
Any puzzle he can solve with the greatest complexity
To a heightened level of great perplexity

But the answers are silent because he is unused
His rebuttals get sent back and he is quite unamused
So he continues to sent out inquiries for positions
And receives very little, if no recognition

How long can this vigil be unrewarded?
How long can his inquiries continue to be thwarted?
Patience is weaning as his searches slow
His need to be encompassed continues to grow

Patience and prayer are his only tools
To the deafening ears of the corporate fools
When they finally hear him and make him their own
They will find the keys to questions unknown.

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