Pyramid Power

By Psychic-Magic contributor T. R. Jackson

Is there any truth to “pyramid power”? Does the shape, size and/or orientation of the structure imbue it with mystical powers?

In 1859 Werner von Siemens (who founded the German electrical company) was laying telegraph cable by the Red Sea, and visited Giza and climbed the Great Pyramid. When he reached the top, he stabbed his hand in the air in triumph. When he got a mild electrical shock, he decided to investigate further.

A Leyden jar is a device for storing static electricity. Siemens improvised a Leyden jar by wrapping wet paper around a wine bottle that had a metal neck, and carried it to the top of the Great Pyramid and held it over his head. The bottle became electrically charged and generated sparks when touched.

Sixty-one years later, in 1920, Antoine Bovis, a French ironmonger, visited the Great Pyramid and saw the mummified remains of small animals in the King’s Chamber. When he examined the bodies, he discovered they had no odor and, in spite of the humidity in the King’s Chamber, the bodies were dehydrated.

Bovis returned to France and built a wooden model of the Great Pyramid. He aligned it north-south and put a recently deceased cat inside. Within a few days, the cat had mummified. He experimented with other animals, meat and eggs, and reported that all had dehydrated and mummified rather than decaying.

Other experiments have debunked “pyramid power”, saying that eggs kept in a pyramid for several days were “smelly, runny yellow, and full of sediment.”

Perhaps one day we’ll understand the phenomena and prove beyond a doubt whether “pyramid power” is true or false.

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