Sylvia Browne Makes Her 2009 Predictions

by Martha Jette
(Hamilton, Ontario)

Since the economy is at the forefront of most people’s minds right now, Sylvia Browne gave her predictions on this topic and others during her Spirit Now webinar in December. Sylvia predicted that the economy would begin to improve around May.
“We are going to recover a great deal this summer,” she said.
She noted an earlier prediction that Obama would become president and added that he has surrounded himself with “smart financial people.”
Sylvia noted that there are only about 20 companies that rule the Dow on the stock market. This year there will be a significant rise in the number of “mom and pop” businesses both on and off the Internet. She suggested that we begin to think locally, rather than globally by supporting local businesses to boost the economy and provide more jobs.
Overall, Sylvia said the trends in the market were really inevitable.
“We were flying so high that we had to level off.”
On a final note on the economy, she added that there would be no depression. In fact, she said that if she had the money, she would buy now because the economy will “come back.” She then clarified that statement by saying she would not invest in the stock market, which is like a “roll of the dice.” Rather, she would put her money into real estate.

Here are some of her other predictions for 2009:

Oil: Sylvia prices fell as she predicted and should improve even more by spring.
Wall Street: More regulating of Wall Street will come this year. There will also be new loan companies that are government regulated.
Jobs: Like Roosevelt’s Benefit Program, Obama has a plan that will put more people to work.
Iraq: Troops should begin coming home by December of next year, more in the spring and the last of them in the fall of 2010.
Banks: “Most banks are safe, so you shouldn’t panic.”
Weather: There will be tsunamis and earthquakes in the Far East. The mid-western part of the U.S. and Florida will see “terrible weather.” There will be flooding in Kansas, Missouri and the southern states. There will also be “many blackouts in the east” this winter, with “brownouts” in the mid-west. Overall, Sylvia said 2009 will be “a bad year weather-wise.”
Hollywood: Brad and Angelina are in trouble and will break up by the end of the year. Clint Eastwood will have some kind of “leg problem” and may need veins removed. Robert Redford will get an award related to a documentary he produces. Britney Spears will become ill and not perform for four months. Paris Hilton will be jailed again, this time due to an accident. Nichole Richie will separate from her husband and the Olson Twins will be picked up on drug charges.
Accidents: Sylvia predicts many train accidents particularly because the tracks are “not good.” She also predicts two airplane crashes on the East coast.
Terrorism: Later in January there will be a terrorist attack near Paris. There will also be three in India in February. She noted that “the U.S. is safe” but there will be many strikes by builders and dockworkers.
The President: Sylvia expressed concern that there will be attempts to take Obama’s life and suggested he get some kind of vehicle like the Pope Mobile to get around.
Crime: There will be a major bank robbery involving a Brinks truck in Las Angeles. There will also be significant problems with gangs in Texas and Louisiana, as well as Oakland, California.
Sylvia made a few personal predictions as well that are sure to come true. First of all, she has written a new book entitled “All Pets Go To Heaven.”
“I wrote it because so many ministers and priests have said that animals don’t have souls. That just makes me crazy.”
Sylvia has four dogs herself.
And finally, Sylvia is GETTING MARRIED! Yes, on Valentine’s Day of this year, she will wed her sweetheart Michael.
I don’t know if any of you are aware of it but Sylvia Browne holds a live webinar once a month on The next will be on Wed. January 28th at 9PM U.S. ET / 6PM U.S. PT. She always talks on a particular subject, such as angels, life themes and so on. When you sign up for the webinar, you can ask Sylvia one question, which she may or may not answer on her show. As an added bonus, one listener will receive a free reading with her, so it’s worth checking it out.

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