The Cat and the Spider -- a poem

by Wilma Seville
(Hamilton, Ontario)

The Cat and the Spider

He crouches like a tiger
waiting for the spider
who rappels down the wall
unaware of his outstretched paw.

Slowly she spins her gossamer web
Spinning, spinning descends the thread
She reaches the baseboard
Ready to flee without a word.

Alas for the spider, her enemy is waiting
With paws at the ready and mouth salivating
Plans for his supper “a la spider”
Just made his jaws open wider.

The spider’s last thought
“Oh, woe is me, I’m caught
I don’t deserve to be eaten
“I give up, I’m beaten.”

Thus ends the story of the cat and the spider
How sad for the spider but great for the cat who thinks he’s a tiger.

©Wilma Seville2009

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