The Fourth Annual UsuryFree Day/Week

by Tom J. Kennedy
(Ottawa, Ontario, Canada)

The Fourth Annual UsuryFree Day/Week
By Tom J. Kennedy

In mid-November (13th to 19th) 2008, usuryfree creatives from all walks of life will gather in living rooms, community halls, board rooms and/or hotel rooms to celebrate the Fourth Annual UsuryFree Day/Week.

Who are these usuryfree creatives? To better understand who are these usuryfree creatives permit me to refer you to the website for ?Cultural Creatives. where it is written:

While Cultural Creatives are a subculture, they lack one critical ingredient in their lives: awareness of themselves as a whole people. We call them the Cultural Creatives precisely because they are already creating a new culture. If they could see how promising this creativity is for all of us, if they could know how large their numbers are, many things might follow. These optimistic, altruistic millions might be willing to speak more frankly in public settings and act more directly in shaping a new way of life for our time and the time ahead. They might lead the way toward an Integral Culture.

UsuryFree Creatives often see themselves as a subgroup within the larger group of Cultural Creatives. The focus of point of usuryfree creatives is to re-educate our fellow citizens that a world without interest (usury) is possible again in this 21st Century as it was in the Middle Ages. UsuryFree Creatives are commonly found as active participants within the growing movement of local communities that are launching usuryfree community currencies to use as a complement with their diminishing amounts of paper notes of federal cash.

To qualify as an active usuryfree creative one must be aware of the design flaw of usury and know that it functions as the killer machine in our orthodox system of economics. As a usuryfree creative one also supports the growth and expansion of the usuryfree community currency movement as our last, best alternative that will aid us in setting up our 'economic lifeboats' in our respective local communities so that we-the-people can negotiate trades when the Titanic of usury-based debt money goes down.
These gatherings of usuryfree creatives in mid-November 2008 will begin with a brief history about the evolution of UsuryFree Day and Week from its birth in a small town (Tamworth) in economically depressed, rural, eastern Ontario, Canada to its present state four years later. November 13th is designated as UsuryFree Day and the following week is designated as UsuryFree Week.

This year there will be a series of meetings/gatherings hosted in various locations. At these meetings there will be some of the pioneering usuryfree creatives who have been blazing trails for others to follow.

Part workshop, part seminar, part re-education, part brainstorming, the events of the Fourth Annual UsuryFree Day/Week are co-hosted by the UsuryFree Network. Active and prospective usuryfree creatives are attracted to these events and to the usuryfree community currency movement.

UsuryFree Day/Week events offer an opportunity for people from anywhere/everywhere to communicate and interact with usuryfree-thinkers and charge or re-charge their alternative economic batteries.

This Fourth Annual UsuryFree Day/Week is expected to draw the largest numbers of usuryfree creatives ever because it is nearly impossible to be ignorant of what's been happening in the orthodox world of usury-based debt money.

It is the hope of usuryfree creatives that awareness of the problems associated - either directly or indirectly - with usury as exacted by creditors will motivate debtors to action. Rather than withdrawing and throwing in the towel and portraying a defeatist attitude, debtors are encouraged to view the DVD "Money As Debt" and thereafter commit to following a self-imposed course on how to eventually experience a usuryfree lifestyle.

During this Fourth Annual UsuryFree Day/Week, usuryfree creatives will be recommending that the optimal path to follow is for uncommon people to lead the way in their respective local communities by implementing a usuryfree community currency. Usuryfree creatives advocate that consumers change the way they spend their federal dollars by shopping locally. Additionally, it is recommended by usuryfree creatives that people learn how to create and spend their own usuryfree community currency thereby launching their own economic lifeboats now so as to be ready to abandon the usury-based Titanic of orthodox, usury-based, debt money when it goes down - and go down she will.

It is in the spirit of re-building local community that usuryfree creatives are celebrating this Fourth Annual UsuryFree Day/Week. Their hope is that by the end of November 2008, we will have more usuryfree creatives talking not about the gloom and doom of our orthodox system of usury-based debt money, but rather about the possibility and probability of we-the-people experiencing the reality of usuryfree living - joy, love, peace and prosperity for everyone on this planet.

There will be meetings in Ontario - Toronto on November 13th, in Ottawa on November 17th, in Kingston on November 19th and maybe elsewhere on November 15th. For details (time & place) of these meetings and other meetings which are currently being planned readers are invited to contact The UsuryFree Network.

For background details visit these websites:

Additionally, there are plenty of articles about our orthdox system of usury-based money and the innovative usuryfree community currency movement. Readers can find these by going to any search engine and typing "usuryfree community currency" and "usuryfree creatives" and/or "Tommy UsuryFree" - that's my moniker or pen name.

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