The Haunting of Pamela

by Martha Jette
(Hamilton, Ontario)

Pic by George Brady, Hamilton Paranormal

Pic by George Brady, Hamilton Paranormal

Hamilton Paranormal, a group that operates out of the same city where I live went on an interesting investigation that uncovered the ghost of a little girl named Pamela. What makes this case so unusual is that George and Cathy Brady, who run the group also found hard evidence to support the girl’s ghostly existence.
While investigating the strange goings-on at a private residence, the group gathered around an Ouija Board hoping to pick up an entity. At first, the planchette moved slowly in a circular motion and then spelled out the name ‘Pamela.’ The young spirit said she was 9 years old and used to live in the home.
“What is your father’s name?” Cathy asked.
The planchette scurried to the letters and spelled out ‘Joseph.’ Then she asked the little girl her mother’s name and she spelled out ‘Claudette.’ At that moment, the current homeowners looked at each other in disbelief. They wanted to find out who was haunting their home because their dog had been acting strangely, refusing to go in the living room or up the stairs. They knew there must be a good reason why, but they were stunned by the accuracy of the Ouija Board messages.
“There is no way you could have known that!” they chimed.
Then they pulled out the deed for the house, which listed Joseph and Claudette Malcolm as the previous owners of their house. Cathy, George and a third woman with them were also surprised and felt an even stronger urge to continue with their investigation. Why did this child decide to stay behind in the home where she once resided with her parents?
“How did you die?” Cathy asked.
Pamela said she died from falling down the stairs and breaking her neck. She explained that in 1930, she was accidentally pushed when she interceded during an argument between her parents as they stood on the landing. Her father brushed her aside but did not intend to send her hurling down the staircase.
“Why do you still occupy this house?” Cathy continued.
The youngster replied that she had to find her locket, which contained a photo of her parents.
“Where is your locket?” Cathy asked.
Then Pamela spelled out SW. After a few more questions, the participants realized that Pamela meant the south west corner of the house and the little girl replied: “Yes. Attic. Newspaper.”
They understood this to mean that her locket was upstairs in the attic with a newspaper and knew they must find it. George asked the homeowners if they knew of any hiding places in the attic. The man of the house replied that there were some loose floorboards but he’d never attempted to lift them. With that, the search was on.
“When we went upstairs, he moved the bed and there on the floor were a few boards that looked like they were loose,” said George. “He proceeded to open up the loose floorboards and sure enough, there we discovered a heart-shaped locket and a 1930 newspaper. Inside the locket was a picture of Pamela’s mother and father.”
Now if that was not startling enough, the newspaper shed even more light on the events that occurred so many years ago.
“In the newspaper was an article of the girl’s death and the father was charged with murder,” George explained.
Subsequently, George conducted further research and discovered that in future newspapers, Pamela’s father was jailed for some time but was eventually cleared of all charges.
The members of Hamilton Paranormal decided that it was time for Pamela to find peace. She had found her locket, so she should go to her eternal rest. Cathy asked the little girl if there was anything they could do to help her on her way and she responded that they should pray. Asked what they should pray, Pamela replied, “Our Father.” They began to recite the prayer and told her to go to the light.
“Do you see your mother waiting for you?” Cathy asked.
She replied that yes, she did. Cathy continued to coax her until the planchette slowed down. At the end of the third reciting of the prayer, it drifted down and said, “Goodbye.”
“At this point, everyone in the room felt tears of joy for Pamela, as she crossed over,” said George. “This was one moment we will never forget!”

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