The R.I.D.G.E. Team’s first Investigation – Part 2

by Martha
(Hamilton, Ontariio)

Battle of Stoney Creek

Battle of Stoney Creek

The newly formed R.I.D.G.E. Team ( (The Researching, Investigating and Debunking Ghostly Encounters Team) in Hamilton, Ontario conducted its first investigation at a Stoney Creek business owned by one of lead investigator, Mike Denham’s friends.

The investigation began with an on-site interview during which time they learned that two male apparitions had been seen.

“They claimed to have seen and been touched by one or two entities,” Denham explained. We went in and tried to recreate their claims and come up with other explanations and could debunk some of the claims.”

They also uncovered specific reasons for cold spots on the premises. However, there were other things for which they could not find explanations.

“The night brought strange EMF (Electro Magnetic Field) readings and some abnormal effects to our video cameras,” Denham said. “It wasn’t until we reviewed the evidence and found very clear and distinct EVPs (Electronic Voice Phenomena) on our digital voice recorders and even seemed to get responses from questions we were asking through the focus on our video cameras. We tried very hard to recreate the focus anomaly on our cameras to no avail.”

The team also uses a digital video recording system with night vision and hard drive, KII meters, Sony night shot cameras, handheld video recorders, voice and seismic sensors, and infrared thermometers just to name a few. But these types of equipment are not the only tools in their arsenal. They will also use their analytical minds to determine if a site is haunted.

“One of the main parts to our investigation is coming up with other possibilities to a person’s personal encounters as well as our own and try to figure out what might be causing it.”

Further investigation into the site uncovered its close proximity to Battlefield Park, the site of a battle during the War of 1812 between the British and Americans.

“The Green’s, who owned the land, had their son Billy Green lead the British troops to where the American’s where camped out during the war of 1812.”

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Unlike some paranormal groups, the team will also do its best to ensure that any entities that are found are sent to where they belong.

“Part of our research is deciding for ourselves if spirit removal or cleansing is effective and if so in what way. There are several different methods that people say work, however, it would all depend on what the client’s faith is. We have to make sure that if we do recommend someone to our client, that they are professional with the appropriate credentials and have a clean criminal record.”

Denham added that psychics would not be recommended because “there are too many fraudulent ones out there who hurt those who may actually possess the ability. It might be suggested for them to contact one they are familiar with.”

The team’s first investigation has definitely spurred the group even further to investigate other sites.

“This is exciting for us because as soon as we have everything in place, the results from our first investigation will be posted for all to analyze.”

Anyone who would like their services, which are always free, can contact them through their web site. Though the site is not fully operational as yet, Denham said their email system is working. The team also assures privacy. The investigation that ensues would only be posted on their web site with specific permission.

To defray the operating costs of their investigations, R.I.D.G.E. will soon be offering hats, T-shirts and other memorabilia for sale on the web site.

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