The Virtue of Giving Trumps the Vice of Greed

by Tom J. Kennedy
(Ottawa, Ontario, Canada)

Pay Usury NOT

Pay Usury NOT

The Virtue of Giving Trumps the Vice of Greed
by Tom J. Kennedy

House prices are falling and too many homeowners are discovering that the value of their home is less than the amount owing on the mortgage. Unemployment numbers are going up and estimates are that the rates for 2009 will spike beyond 8%.

Personal and business bankruptcies are surging with approximately 88,000 bankruptcies in Canada in 2008 and many more expected in 2009. Too many fellow-Canadians are experiencing serious financial troubles because of the downturn in the manufacturing and financial sectors of our economy. Why??

Is the vice of greed a factor in what is currently happening in our orthodox financial system of usury-based, debt money? Is the virtue of giving a factor in the growth and expansion of the usuryfree community currency movement? And is usuryfree living not only a possibility but a real probability in this 21st Century? Let’s explore some facts as we seek answers to these timely questions.

To understand the difference between “living with usury” and “usuryfree living” one must first be re-educated on a couple of key definitions. Let’s start with the word - “interest.” “Interest” ought to be correctly defined as “usury” and this definition can be confirmed by many significant supporting statements from all of the Holy Books.

For example, the Bible has many verses that absolutely forbid the charging/exacting of “usury” on money. In summary, meticulous research reveals that any percentage of “interest” on money above zero percent is correctly defined as “usury.” Likewise, the Koran has similar verses regarding the forbidding of “usury”.

Additional support for the correct definition of “interest” is offered by any pioneering Socreds who are still alive in this 21st Century. One elder Socred is rumored to have made these two wise statements about “interest” otherwise known to him as “usury” - (a) “Interest” or “usury” is theft.” and (b) “Remember this, money cannot have babies.”

My observation is that debtors are enslaved financially because they are paying “usury” to their creditors - who are knowingly or unknowingly motivated by the vice of greed. To live without paying usury is noteworthy, BUT usuryfree living cannot be fully experienced until all of us are freed from usury - that means that we neither “pay no usury” nor do we “receive any usury from our so-called savings.”

Usuryfree creatives is another phrase that requires a definition. Usuryfree creatives are often considered to be a sub-group in the larger, well known group known as “cultural creatives.” Any search engine will provide sources for a detailed explanation of “cultural creatives.”

Usuryfree creatives seek to experience the reality of usuryfree living and commonly engage in barter/trade using one or more of the growing number of usury-free community currencies. Usuryfree creatives have learned that they can create and spend their own community currency which is free of “interest” or “usury.”

Usuryfree creatives commonly use these usuryfree community currencies as a complement with diminishing amounts of usury-based debt money which exists as computer blips on credit cards or debit cards or in paper notes of federal cash.

Research reveals that the vice of greed is directly associated with the design flaw of usury in our orthodox system of debt-based money. Indeed, there is much evidence of an abundance of greed in the conventional, financial marketplace.

Close examination suggests that it is the element of usury that drives the vice of greed, which in turn causes violence, wars, poverty, scarcity and lack - locally, nationally and internationally.

The unnatural function of usury is not only a design flaw in our orthodox system of debt money, but also an evil and immoral element that feeds the vice of greed, while legally permitting creditors to steal wealth (money and property) from enslaved debtors.

To eliminate usury and experience the reality of usuryfree living is an honored goal pursued by usuryfree creatives as we progress into this 21st Century. Usuryfree creatives are likely to practice the virtue of giving or gifting as they experience peace, abundance and prosperity as a by-product of usuryfree living.

As this current economic crisis deepens to a Grand-daddy Depression that will make the 1929 Economic Crash look like a Sunday picnic, the teaching and practice of usuryfree living is being promoted by usuryfree creatives not only as a likely possibility, but also as a distinct probability.

Most creditors (usurers) are not likely to be fully aware that they can directly and/or indirectly referred to as practitioners of the vice of greed. Neither are debtors aware of how they are victims in this modern but cruel world of usury-based, debt finance (money). This lack of knowledge by both creditors and debtors can be attributed to the failings of formal education as well as the mainstream print and electronic media. Whether this malfunction in our formal education system is by design or by accident is left for the reader to decide.

During the latter years of the 20th Century when the internet was in its birthing process, many diligent and meticulous researchers began to effectively network their knowledge through email, news groups, blogs and websites. As the design flaw of usury is being exposed for the killer machine that it is, more and more re-educated individuals are proudly defining themselves as usuryfree creatives.

Usuryfree creatives organized the first UsuryFree Day (November 13th) and UsuryFree Week (November 13th to 19th) in 2004 to celebrate and foster the concept of usuryfree living. Each year, during UsuryFree Week seminars and workshops are held in living rooms, community centers, church basements, school auditoriums, hotel rooms, etc.

During UsuryFree Week participants learn the difference between “living with usury” and “usuryfree living”. Currently, events are being planned to celebrate the Fifth Annual UsuryFree Day/Week from November 13th to 19th, 2009.

As a result of a careful and comparative study of “living with usury” and “usuryfree living” during the previous four UsuryFree Weeks truly reveals many elements of human nature. Most creditors are intent on keeping “usury” in the economic equation, while those awakened debtors who double as usuryfree creatives advocate abolishing usury and shifting to a fair service fee instead.

Usuryfree creatives recommend that everyone who seeks the truth about money creation view these two DVDs, which have been recently released : (a) Money As Debt by Paul Grignon and (b) Money: Who Creates It, Who Controls It? by Issac Isitan - as a starting point for a self-imposed re-educational experience about modern finance.

Viewers will learn that it is their signature on a promissory note that permits the banking institutions (the creditor) to create the principal of any loan or mortgage granted to the borrower (the debtor). Additionally they will learn that the “interest” or “usury” portion of any loan or mortgage is never created by the bank, thereby causing the ever-present shortage of money that afflicts modern society.

Usuryfree creatives recommend that creditors charge a simple service fee that can be created and put into circulation simultaneously when any loan or mortgage is granted to a debtor. By this action all debtors would be able to repay the principal plus the simple service fee (charge).

Usuryfree creatives who are active within the usuryfree community currency movement are seeking to establish competitive models of usuryfree finance whereby all debtors will be re-educated about the truth of modern money creation. By so doing, it is suggested that a parallel economy will eventually emerge and the conventional usurers who are intent on keeping “usury” will simply be out-of-business due to the astuteness of the awakened borrowers.

Usuryfree creatives who are learning to follow the principles of usuryfree living are beginning to experience peace, prosperity and abundance as natural elements of “usuryfree living” or “life without usury.”

Active usuryfree creatives who begin to understand the truth about modern money creation are usually ready and willing to explain to others why we-the-people will experience the mutual benefits when we learn to create and spend our own usuryfree community currency.

All discouraged debtors are encouraged to communicate with any active usuryfree creative and thereby become motivated to likewise reach out and offer hope to other debtors. Otherwise countless debtors will face a dismal future whereby under the current economic system they are destined to remain as slaves to their creditors for generation after generation.

In summary, anyone who is usuryfree or who is intent on becoming usury free will likely agree that indeed the virtue of giving trumps the vice of greed.

Readers who are potential usuryfree creatives are invited to begin a self-imposed re-education journey by going to any search engine and typing any/all of these words or phrases:

usuryfree living
usuryfree community currency
usuryfree community currency movement
usuryfree day
usuryfree week
usuryfree network
usuryfree creatives
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life without usury
beyond the age of usury
Letsystem usuryfree
Tommy UsuryFree

“None of us are freed from usury until all of us are freed from usury.”
- Tommy UsuryFree

“Why are we-the-people still using their (the bankers’) money and paying them a fee (usury) when we have learned that we can create and spend our own money for FREE?” - Tommy UsuryFree

“Share with others what you know about becoming usuryfree, so that others may learn what they didn’t know they didn’t know.” - Tommy UsuryFree

“The secret of usuryfree living is the constancy and expansion of usuryfree trading.” - Tommy UsuryFree

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