Ulster County UFO sighting

by Elizabeth Clough
(New Paltz, NY)

September 19, 2009

My friends and I were driving down route 32 in upstate new york - the new paltz/rosendale area, just chilling. We were driving around a rural area where the stars were bright and clear, with few obstructions.
My friend driving the car, at around 7:50 p.m. said "guys, I don't want to freak you out, but can we look at what is happening in the sky right now?"
As we all looked up out the window towards the left a faint light was seen in the sky. It was a yellowish-greenish large round light admitting from a part of the sky - it looked as if a flash light were being shone onto Earth. We stared at it for about a minute and it progressively got fainter, as if it was ascending higher into the sky.
When we got back to our dorm we googled UFO sightings in the area we were in and found multiple results, some of which sounded similar to what we saw. All of us saw the same object, described it the same way, and none of us have any way of explaining what we saw. It is truly an unidentified flying object. If you live in this area or have ever been in this area and seen anything, please contact us at: pupiluv72@yahoo.com.

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