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Carl Gustav Jung, the psychoanalyst, used the term synchronicity to describe meaningful coincidences. We see it all the time—for example, Dave proposed to Tina, and she immediately noticed an overflow of information on weddings appearing in her life: magazines, correspondence and calls from friends, TV shows, movies, etc. But is it truly coincidental, or even synchronistic? Could it be that Tina is now attracting this information because she has “wedding” on the brain?

Where our attention goes, our energy flows. We attract what we focus on, whether consciously or subconsciously. By focusing her attention on the wedding—both when she is consciously thinking about what style of gown she’ll wear, what the guests will eat, and what music will be played—and when she is unconsciously focused on it—reading the articles or watching the TV shows or movies—Tina, in effect, sends the call to the Universe: “I need information on weddings!” and the Universe obediently provides whatever she needs.

Synchronicity doesn’t just happen when we’re thinking of something positive; it happens as well when we’re focused on something we don’t want in our lives. The Big U as we call it at Psychic-Magic doesn’t differentiate what we do want from what we don’t want—it simply provides what we’re most focused on and where we send the most energy.

Think of the Universe as a two-year-old child that has an undeveloped sense of
interpreting what you’re saying. You can tell the child, “We’re going to Aunt Tillie’s house. Behave yourself.” Or you can say, “We’re going to visit Aunt Tillie. Do not yell, run around, or get into trouble.” The two-year-old focuses on the words it understands: “yell, run around, get into trouble,” and dutifully (mis)behaves in the way you seem to want.

We have to pay attention to our thoughts and be careful of the messages we’re sending to the Universe. What do we want to produce in our lives? What do we want to manifest? A great many people use creative visualization, but do the mental images match the inner voice?

When you find yourself sending mixed messages to the Universe, stop and focus on what you want to manifest. Focus on the things you truly want in your life, and it’s very likely that you will be successful.

To stop a mixed message short, you can simply say, “Cancel!” and then focus on what you want to manifest.

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