What mask are you wearing?

by Janet
(Whitby, Ontario, Canada)

Masks you say, not the ones that we wear on Halloween, I am talking about the ones that we have had to put on in our lives to get by in our families, work and society.
So often we hold back on not saying something to someone out of fear, or respect or to keep the peace.
Have you thought if our thoughts are energy ,where does this unsaid energy go?
Well, now think about your aches and pains in your body. Our jaw holds a lot of unsaid energy and this can also create headaches, neck and shoulder tension. Our backs hold years of stress and often fears of abandonment and often deep anger. The list goes on and on and many books have been written on how our body speaks our mind.
Now the Masks we wear are often formed during childhood so we can find our way to adulthood and when we attempt to take them off or just peak at what is behind them, we are called trouble-makers and quite often family squabbles come up as we dare to talk about our so-called family issues. So we often choose the familiar path and put the mask back on.
Women have often been taught to be peacemakers in the family and men have often been taught to show no emotion or to be strong at all costs. Once again the mask goes on to hide our true feelings and emotions.
Now if we choose to be brave and buck the norm we can lose friends and by rocking the boat we sometimes find ourselves standing alone but only for a while.
By actually doing this we change our energy and the aches and pains can disappear as we release old stuck energy from our bodies.
New experiences can then come in and new friends appear. We will be shaky for a while but our spirit will begin to soar and our bodies will feel unburdened.

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