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Psychic Predictions for 2010

I have gathered information on 2010 predictions from a number of well-known psychics and decided to compare what they had to say about the year ahead. What follows first is a list of those psychics and then their predictions in a variety of categories. Enjoy!

Sylvia Browne, Psychic & Author
Roxanne Elizabeth Hulderman, Psychic & Author
Christopher Renstrom’s, Astronomy (
Joshua The Psychic (Numerology & Astrology) (
Hans Christian King, (Works with four Spirit Guides) (
Carmen Harra, Psychic, Metaphysical Intuitive & Counselor
Dr. Patricia Bell, Clairvoyant & Master of Healing Meditation & Breathing
Laura Scott, Psychic & Author (
Donna Henes, Tarot Card Reader & Shaman
Derek Calibre, Teacher & Psychic
Phyllis King, Psychic
Zachary Selig, Spiritualist, Kundalini Master, Yoruba Priest, Psychic & Healer
Jane Doherty, Psychic


Hulderman foresees global financial corporations and banks around the world beginning to merge. There will be a banking crisis with many failing, bankruptcies, long lines and even riots in the streets. She also says the value of gold will soar to new heights and a new gold-backed currency will be developed. Silver will also rise in value. Oil will fluctuate and then “go through the roof.” She adds that food prices will rise due to inflation.

Renstrom believes the economy will start out better in 2010, will take a downturn in July and then recover fully by the end of 2011 or early 2012.

Joshua says most people will be better off financially in 2010 based on the fact that the numbers total 3, which signifies abundance. The economy should improve by at least 30 per cent.

Hans Christian King predicts the economy will improve and the price of oil will no longer be based on the U.S. dollar. India and China will be that driving force and will become the “power brokers” in the world. The U.S. on the other hand, will become a debtor nation. Oil will subsequently clime above $100/barrel but will not affect the world until 2012. He adds that Americans will learn to live with less, return to old spending habits and find new ways to enjoy personal and family fulfillment.

Harra says the current financial system will collapse and will have to be replaced, like Europe’s new currency but she doesn’t know what will replace it. The good news is that it will end the current financial injustice. People should work on saving money rather than continuing to spend. She also suggests gold is a safe investment. She added that an awakening due to the number 3 energy of 2010 would result in people realizing the opportunity for positive change. There will be serious progress toward solving the global financial crisis by world leaders who will realize we are “in it together.”

Scott feels the economy will improve in 2010. There will be think tanks and summits on job creation for such things as road, bridge and infrastructure restoration. Also, due to high consumer debt, the U.S. government will press for more bank and credit card regulations, particularly due to unfair practices of changing rates, playing with credit limits and so on. Despite the banks efforts to get around these, and by 2011, loopholes will become a thing of the past.

Henes sees a positive change with growth in the economy.

Calibre predicts a moderate recovery, especially in Asia. He added that Canada will have a “stellar” wine year.

Phyllis King believes the U.S. president will act aggressively and will please some while angering others. There will be both good and bad news on the economy throughout the year but will become more consistently positive in 2011.

Zelig predicts Europe and Asia will lead the way on governance of economic power, while the U.S. restructures itself with a new model of commerce that will integrate with this foreign system over the next three years. He added that the concept of “broker, expert or middleman” will be eliminated with new Internet-driven service agencies providing direct access for consumer to product and products to market.

Doherty foresees an improvement in the economy, but not until after September 2010. She adds that the spiraling economy and unwanted changes cause political unrest in the U.S. as protestors become more vocal and sometimes violent.


Hulderman predicts an earthquake will occur in the San Francisco or San Bernardino area but not overly severe. A tsunami will also happen and she predicts that high levels of toxic chemicals and pollutants like estrogen will cause major health problems and water shortages.

Harra says earthquakes and hurricanes will be more intense, with a major quake in California. She adds that people’s understanding of how global warming affects them will become clearer in 2010 and 2011.

Scott believes the U.S. administration will also promote ideas for national recycling, which will also create jobs.

Henes predicts we will realize our “dangerous disconnect from nature” and sincere attempts will be made to rectify this. Also, there will be major breakthroughs in technology and energy.

Calibre says a country with the letter P will record the strongest earthquake ever, while eco-tourism to the poles becomes popular and a hole in the ozone is highlighted like never before.

Phyllis King says there will be a lot of weather related storms and disasters, with a number of earthquakes throughout Asia.

Selig predicts two tsunamis in Asia and Australia, flooding in Europe and several large earthquakes in Latin America, as well as volcanic activity around the world. He also says there will be a higher than normal number of hurricanes, floods and tornadoes in the Gulf of Mexico and the southeast U.S.

Doherty predicts more hurricanes and natural disasters in 2010, with the Florida Keys hit by a Category 4 hurricane that floods the area but spares lives. Earthquakes will be in the Pacific Ocean causing flooding. Iran has a major earthquake. She added that some people who promoted the idea of global warming will be prosecuted for faking statistics in order to gain from green jobs and trade laws.

Renstrom says that in the U.S., public movements will make a strong showing against government policies, with some real advances toward solar and wind energy.


Renstrom says Pres. Barack Obama will have some problems with people in power getting in the way of his economic plans.

Hans Christian King says that due to international tensions, Hillary Clinton will step in and eventually be nominated for the Nobel Peace Prize. He added that David Rumsfeld from the Bush administration and the defense department will become embroiled in a major scandal that will be revealed. Obama will become more popular as employment improves. Democrats will lose their majority but surprisingly, several Republican senators will approve Obama’s spending packages.

Harra predicts Pres. Obama will see that things he’d hoped to accomplish in 2009 did not materialize, so he will have to become more flexible in his decision-making.

Calibre predicts a former president will passes away and marijuana will become a hot topic for discussion. He also says Obama will be under intense pressure but will survive with flying colors. Michelle Obama will be criticized for the way she handles an issue or a new role she seeks and Sarah Palin goes to great lengths to make or raise money. As well, Hillary Clinton will both celebrate and cry this year.

Phyliss King says Obama will create a foreign policy that will last for 23 years. He will continue his desire to unite countries around the world regardless of our differences, which will cause some fireworks. The president will also act boldly in international relations, especially with Iran, Syria, North Korea and Pakistan, shocking some and amazing others.

Doherty sees corruption “in all forms being exposed during the year, especially in the government.” A member of congress will be exposed for a scheme involving money. Barney Frank’s name is in the press for an illegal secret deal. She also says Obama’s popularity will plummet and an international leader becomes a thorn in his side due to critical attacks on him.

Selig predicts that those in authority who lie or act selfishly will be quickly exposed. New leaders will rise that are more compassionate.


Hulderman predicts relations between the U.S. and North Korea, China, Iran, Russia, Venezuela and other countries will lead to serious confrontation and possible nuclear war.

Renstrom says there will be much friction in this area during the summer of 2010 but things should smooth over by early September.

Harra believes world leaders will realize that remaining in the Middle East and Afghanistan will only continue to hurt people.

Scott predicts there will be new technologies in the field of weaponry and war, resulting in jobs for military contractors. She adds that fighting in Afghanistan will intensify but will end successfully.

Calibre says one nation will stand defiant throughout autumn and during the year, a missile will be fired from east to west.

Phyliss King predicts Pres. Obama will release his 2010 strategy for Afghanistan that will include plans for both stabilization and troop withdrawals.

Doherty predicts Israel and Iran will be at war toward the end of 2010 or beginning of 2011. Obama’s stance on the situation “infuriates” Israel. She adds that Iran will remain a nuclear threat and continue to defy nuclear disarmament.


Renstrom predicts there will be trouble for Obama from those opposed to the new healthcare policy. He added that marijuana advocates get help but it will become a new source of taxable revenue by the fall of 2010.

Browne predicts a “great rise in skin cancer in children in 2010.” She notes that people are aware of the dangers of UV rays and products to protect themselves. She hopes that more attention will be made to this serious issue so her prediction does not come true. As well, Browne predicts an end to the common cold and the solution may be heat. Just as a fever is the body’s natural response to fight a cold, she says doctors will put patients in a heated cubicle that also contains a special vapor. Patients will stay in it for five minutes to kill all rhinitis germs. These cubicles will also be used to treat patients with allergies, asthma and other breathing disorders.

Harra says neither the H1N1 (swine flu), nor other diseases will become huge devastating epidemics. As well, there will be major medical breakthrough during the next few years, particularly with diabetes. She adds that the health care bill will pass and solve some problems while creating others. There will be conflict because people in general, are only concerned about themselves. They don’t realize that we are all in this together. It’s the same old “me first mentality” when it comes to other things like deficits, pollution, investments and more.

Scott says that while there will be initial resistance to national health care, politicians will realize that they shouldn’t be fighting something that could help their constituents. She noted that with new healthcare coverage and the changes it will demand, there will be more jobs in medical research, medical transitioning and streamlining medical databases. Scott adds that more medications will arrive via oral film and dissolve on the tongue and gene isolation therapy leads to breakthroughs in a number of autoimmune and cancer treatments. Radio wave technology work to treat cancer becomes widespread.

Henes says there will be new scientific breakthroughs in medicine.

Calibre predicts a significant breakthrough in the treatment of Autism.

Selig predicts that although many diseases and epidemics will become more prevalent, new and amazing healings and cures will occur through alternative therapies.

Phyliss Kings predicts Pres. Obama will make faster movement toward change, specifically, the healthcare reform bill.

Housing/Real Estate:

Scott says that while the real estate market has bottomed out, it will pick up again in 2010. With so many properties in foreclosure, it will cause a flood of affordable housing for renters and others. As well, some realtors will hoard business with bank-owned properties creating some problems.

Calibre believes home and real estate prices will inch their way upward.


Harra sees no major terrorist attacks or nuclear bombs. World problems will not be solved with more violence, laws and armies. What is needed is a major upward shift in consciousness.

Hulderman predicts an overall rise in terrorism. She adds that a dirty bomb will explode in a large metropolitan city (Loss Angeles, New York or Chicago) and a prominent U.S. government official will be assassinated.

Doherty foresees more international terror attacks in 2010. A London bombing uncovers a much bigger plot involving several countries. She added that in the U.S., a terrorist disguises himself as a deliveryman and enters a public government building where he sets off a small bomb. This alerts authorities to another planned attack. Doherty believes pirate attacks on ships will increase and spread to international waters where U.S. cargo ships will become targets. A task force of a number of countries will unite to form strategies to protect their ships.


Hulderman predicts a famous celebrity whose first name is Elizabeth and who already has health problems will pass away. This occurrence will mark the “beginning to the end of the world.”

Joshua says a new love is in the offing for Madonna, who will become more interested in the metaphysical and perhaps become a psychic, healer or astrologer. Also, Ellen DeGeneres and Porcia Di Rossi will have some problems, as will Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie. Pitt will reunite with Jennifer Aniston. Bert Reynolds will pass away.

Hans Christian Kings says three of the most loved actors will pass away this year.

Harra predicts that fewer people will care about celebrities and will be more concerned with their own problems. In February, a major event will take our attention away from the Academy Awards and we’ll be watching the news instead.

Scott predicts Tiger Wood’s wife will file for divorce this year. George Clooney will get married, Elizabeth Taylor passes away, Michael Jackson’s doctor will be convicted and pop singer Fergie will file for divorce due to her hubby’s infidelities.

Caliber says Meryl Streep will turn to stage acting, a celebrity will become embroiled in controversy over a religious story, an iconic action hero passes away, a new child prodigy wows everyone and we will see more and obvious product placement in films and on television.

Phyllis King predicts there will be several major celebrity deaths in 2010, as both young and old celebrities decide to exit causing pain for their families, friends and fans.

Zelig predicts more sophisticated, challenging entertainment and programming will occur due to a better-informed and intelligent public.

Civil Rights:

Renstrom predicts that the gay marriage issue will be in the news and discussions should result in an amicable solution by October 2011.

Phyllis King believes there will be more battles over gay marriage but in the end, major success for gays.


Scott predicts that the Obama administration will fund education in 2010, while stressing math and science.


Browne says people will become more aware of the growing problems of the worlds poor and uneducated children, homelessness, unemployment, selfish corporations and elected officials who only look out for themselves and more. She says there will be a strong resolve to address these problems and arrive at good solutions.

Dr. Bell says on Dec. 25 and 26 we will find ourselves looking inside as we are “reinventing ourselves on a new journey with our souls and spirits.” We know things are changing but will find the courage to face them. You will need courage to just let your true self shine through, as well as realize that we are able to manifest our dreams.

Henes believes there will be a surge in feminine wisdom, influence and power, which will lead to a reassessment of life issues and a movement toward a more humane way of living. Intuition will garner more respect, along with logic to achieve the greatest results. Being ethical in your dealings with others will become more important for many. People will feel lighter, more playful and happy, with fewer burdens to worry them.

Phyllis King says the feeling of darkness and not accomplishing much will continue in 2010 and we’ll question both our security and viability of future plans. However, the energy picks up and we’ll “hit the ground running in January, and it will not let up the entire year. Because you still won’t see your path or future clearly, 2010 is dubbed: “the year of the Muddy Waters.” It will be a year of “action, events, changes, progress and mistakes.” However, with more energy, you will be able to make more progress in personal and professional affairs. Use your energy to tackle new projects and career aspirations. She adds that people will realize we are all one and will become more involved in community politics to have a say in the many changes that are coming. We will realize we not only can but also should help make a difference in our world.

Doherty says you may have felt blocked that last few years but the “new energies’ of 2010 will help you move forward. Doherty says a new portal has opened “at a Native American Sacred Site in Arizona” and it allows higher energies to enter our world. We will move from stagnant, dark energy to one that can be viewed ass “positive, light or angelic.” While some will use this energy effectively, other may feel more emotional and overwhelmed. It is important to realize what you want in life and implement the goals that will lead to success. She adds that people will become more intuitive when it comes to the hidden agendas of others.


Hulderman predicts many unusual extraterrestrial sightings will occur over the next 2-3 years.

Miscellaneous Predictions:

Joshua says 2010 will be a year of new things, lots of babies being born, new musical instruments, electronic devices and new stock options.

Scott predicts that the U.S. tax system will be audited and overhauled as part of new job growth. It will take several years but people will be happy with it.

Scott also believes the U.S. Post Office will stop Saturday service and raises the price of a stamp to 50 plus cents per letter.

Calibre says people should stay away from the beach in the summer of 2010 and will, in fact, fear going there.

Calibre predicts that a plane drops something or loses a part and then lands safely.

Future Predictions:

Browne predicts that a president elect will die in office from a heart attack some time before 2020. She says the vice president who takes over will attempt to declare war on North Korea, which will have weapons of mass destruction by then. However, the vice president will be assassinated for his efforts. When the matter is investigated, there will be serious allegations about missing funds. It will eventually be revealed that the allegations came from those who wished to damage people’s faith in the government.

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