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How to get Your Book into Bookstores

I have found that sending press releases to off-line bookstores is a total waste of time. You will need to actually visit a bookstore to talk with the owner about having your book on their shelves. For the chain bookstores, it will be necessary for your publisher to make arrangements for you, as they don’t cater to individual authors.
However, you can always try tipping your publisher off to any stores that you think might be interested in your book. Also look for any avenues where you could sell your book in bulk, such as corporations, clubs, associations and service organizations.


If you have self-published, you will likely have to contact Barnes & Noble or yourself. Otherwise, your publisher will do this for you. Either way, make sure to check them out to make sure that all information about your book is accurate. If you need to make changes or corrections, you can do so by using the Suggestion Box that can be found at the bottom of each page. To change a title, author, languages, binding, number of pages, publication date and format or edition number, use the on-line catalogue update form. Changes will likely appear within five to seven working days.
As a side note, if you have self-published you will also want to list your book at Books In Print and the industry’s highly acclaimed Bowker’s List. If you don’t have a computer to access, you can also find these books in the library with addresses of where you can write to be included.


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