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All about Search Engines and Submission

Once you have a web site, you will need to get it noticed by the major and lesser search engines. It is vital that you attract the attention of search engines, so your site will be found easily on the net. The first step is to go back to your site to include Meta tags, which are descriptions and keywords in a specific format to attract the search engine crawlers. Some multiple submission search engine sites also help you with this coding.
Keywords are very important. Read through your web site and write down any words that are pertinent to your subject matter. This list can be as long as you like, in fact the more the better. Don’t worry, because nothing written between the and of the meta tag code will show up on your actual web page. They are only inserted for the search engine crawler to pick up.
Here is an example of what I put at the very top when setting up one of my web pages. It goes right at the top so the search engine crawlers can easily find it. You can see that I’ve included everything related to my books, as well as references to some of the advertising on my site. (This is a short version just to give you an idea as to what to put there.)

*HEAD>*BR> *TITLE>Glimpses of the Paranormal*/TITLE>*BR> Meta name=”description” content=”Everything you ever wanted to know about the paranormal.”>*BR> *META name=”keywords” content=”books, author, writing, Martha, Jette, Glimpses, angels, channeled, children, ghosts, hauntings, premonitions, witches, UFOs, ESP, psychics, aliens, strange tales, true stories, weird stories, paranormal, phenomenon, money, power, the mind, Inner Expansion, Law of Attraction, ebooks, spiritually, happiness, laws of life, get rich, big money, success, wealth, affiliate">*BR> */HEAD>*BR>
(Wherever you see a *, replace it with <.)

There are a number of sites where you can submit to multiple search engines for free or at minimal cost. One free site is Submit Express where you have the option of submitting free or covering more search engines for a price. Others are Easy Submit and Submit Plus. This site also allows you to test your meta tag, description and keywords to see how effective they are. You can also optimize your meta tag to improve your chances for a better ranking with the search engines.
Some of these sites also require that you place a link on your web site in return for their free services.
A site with links to various search engines is Search Engine Watch. For a list of major search engines, go to Self

For Yahoo site submission, go Here.

For MSN go Here

For Google go Here.

Google now has a special listing for authors and publishers only, where you can list your book or books for free. You will find this Here.
Google also has a new service called Google Base, where you can post anything from want ads to blogs. For this one go Here.

On the regular search engines, you can also submit the URLs to your blogs, newsletters, forums and any other on-line presence. The only stipulation is that very similar sites will be rejected. As well, search engines will no longer accept affiliate sites.



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