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Hone your Skills through Writing Classes

If you love to write but feel you need to improve your abilities, you should consider taking a few writing classes. Most colleges and universities offer courses. Some even let you dip your pen into a class or two before committing to a full course.
For instance, the Massachusetts Institute of Technology offers Introduction to Fiction, Utah State University offers Introduction to Writing: Academic Prose and Western Governors University offers Literature – Parts I and II. There are also many sites where you can learn on line at a cost. For instance, offers such courses as Fundamentals of Fiction Writing, Advanced Novel Writing Workshop, Children’s Writing, Non-Fiction, Poetry, Genre Fiction and more. Gotham Writers Workshops has just about every writing course you can imagine, including screenwriting, songwriting, travel, humor, memoir, mystery, romance and science writing. University of British Columbia offers courses in everything from professional writing to personal and creative writing.
Another way to improve your writing skills is to join a local writing group in which other members have the opportunity to critique your work. You may find that you receive some very valuable feedback.
An interesting site I came across during my research is Dumb Little Man – Tips for Life and more specifically an article entitled 50 Tools that can Improve Your Writing Skills. You are bound to find this article most helpful as it covers many things that a good writer needs to know.

Need A Writing Spark?

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