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Meditate to Increase Creativity

Here is a creative meditation exercise for you to try. Before you begin, make sure you have your pen and paper handy. I know this may seem airy-fairy to you at first, but if you follow my instructions, you will reap real benefits from this exercise.
Now, please get into a comfortable position and close your eyes. Hopefully, there are no noises to disturb you. If your radio or TV is on, shut it off. Now, just relax and take three deep breaths, breathing in through your nose and out through your mouth.
In and out, in and out, in and out. (Pause) Imagine that you’re breathing in the good energy and exhaling all your tensions.
First concentrate on your feet. Flex them and then relax. (Pause) Move your focus to your ankles. Flex them and relax. (Pause) Now move up to your calves. Flex and relax. Still moving up, focus on your knees. Pull them tight and then relax. (Pause) Now your upper legs – flex and relax. (Pause) Take a deep breath again, in through your nose and out through your mouth. Then move up to your thighs – flex and relax. (Pause) Moving up to your behind – flex and relax. (Pause) Now your tummy – flex and relax. (Pause) Up to your shoulders – flex and relax. (Pause) Now your neck – just let it relax. (Pause) Up to your face – scrunch it up and then relax. (Pause)
Okay, now take a breath in through your nose and out through your mouth. Feel the tension just flowing from your body. One more time – in – out.
Now focus on your feet again. Imagine that they’re going to sleep. (Pause) Move up to your ankles – imagine they are sleeping. (Pause) Up to your calves – they are going to sleep. (Pause) Now your knees – going to sleep. (Pause) Then to your upper legs – imagine they are falling asleep. (Pause) Up to your thighs – totally relaxed and going to sleep. (Pause) Moving up to your behind – falling to sleep. Now your tummy – totally relaxed. (Pause) Up to your shoulders – no more tension, just totally relaxed. (Pause) Now your neck – falling asleep. (Pause) Up to your face – imagine it is going to sleep. (Pause) Now the top and back of your head. Feel them going to sleep.
Take one more deep breath in through your mouth and out through your nose. By now, you should be totally relaxed. Just to be sure, focus on your feet for a minute. Can you feel them? If you can’t, you are ready to move on.
All you have done here is put your body into a suspended state, so your mind and spirit can concentrate more clearly. There is nothing at all to worry about. When you come out of this, you will feel totally relaxed and refreshed. You will feel like you’ve had a cat nap and you’ll wake up feeling happy and content.
Now you need to go just a little deeper. Count down from 10, as you become more and more relaxed. Now, imagine yourself on a beautiful beach. You are lying on a chaise lounge soaking up the warm sunshine. You can hear the water lapping on the shore. (Pause) Take a deep breath and just enjoy the moment.
Now you notice a door a few feet away from you. You instinctively know that on the other side of this door, you will see the first scene of your book. Now rise, move toward the door and open it.
Where have you found yourself? If you are inside a room, look around it. Make a mental note of everything you see. Is there furniture in the room? Is it old or new? What style? Is the room generally clean, messy or downright filthy? Make note of any objects or pictures that stand out. If there is one in particular that you think is especially important, pick it up and look at it. What is the air like in the room? Is it fresh, thick, smoky or heavy? What is the overall mood you get from that room? Are you comfortable, nervous, scared?
If you opened that door and found yourself outside, what do you see? Are there trees, flowers, grass, a sandy beach, a road or a basketball court? Whatever it is, take a good look around you. Take note of the weather. Is it sunny, raining or snowing? Is the sky clear or stormy? Look up and see.
Now do you hear any noises? Inside, it might be a TV, radio or fan? If so, turn to look at it. If outside, what do you hear - birds, cars, a train or animals? Can you hear voices? If you do, turn to look in the direction of the voices. Now, let’s imagine that you hear two people talking. Do they sound happy, agitated or angry?
Now take a closer look at those two characters. What do they look like? Focus on one of them. Is he or she tall or short, slim or fat? What color hair? Is it short or long? Note the facial features. What color eyes, what type of nose and lips? Are there any wrinkles or other defining features? How is this character dressed – modern, old-fashioned, new age? What colors does he or she have on? Is the character wearing anything special – jewelry, badges, etc.?
About what age do you think he or she is? Now take note of this character’s mood. Does it show on their face and how? Imagine this character walking now. How do they carry themselves? Do they step lightly, provocatively or heavy? What is the overall impression you get from this character? Are they friendly, cheerful, depressed, threatening?
Now take a close look at your second character and go through the above steps again.
Now come back slowly counting I to 10. Wake up feeling refreshed and energized. Now grab that paper and pen, and write down everything you saw in your mind’s eye.
If you think you will have problems remembering all of these steps, it might be a good idea to record them on tape and play it back as you meditate.

A Great Way to Learn to Meditate!
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