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Writing an Autobiography can be Tough

Writing an autobiography is perhaps the most difficult of all writing styles. This is because people who write autobiographies usually have painful and compelling stories to tell. In the process of writing this kind of book, you might be dredging up memories and opening old doors to past wounds. You must be prepared for this emotional experience.
When writing an autobiography, it is also vital that you portray people and past events as accurately as possible. This can be difficult, if preconceived notions are clouding your mind. If possible, talk to those about whom you write and also discuss past events to be sure that you remember things accurately.
Be aware that the other people you describe or talk about in your book won’t take what you write lightly. Before including them in your book, get their permission if you can. If you cannot do these things, you might be at risk of offending others and possibly being sued for defamation of character.

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