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Spy/Adventure means Action, Action, Action!

Spy/adventure novels generally involve a lot of intrigue and plenty of action to keep the reader engrossed from beginning to end.
To accomplish this, you will have to spend some time developing your plot along a specific time line. You will need to develop your main characters as well. While this sounds like a lot of work (it is!), it is vital that you do this first, so you know in what direction the story will be going.
There should be twists and turns in a spy novel, but you can also throw in other elements, such as a love story, a murder, etc. As with any good book, there can be minor themes running along side the primary theme to keep things more interesting.Also, if you want your spy novel to seem authentic, you need to bear in mind the world political situation for the time in which your story takes place. You would not write a crime novel based in the 1950’s the same way that you would for the same type of novel today. Make sure you do your research well.
Other types of adventure novels can include a wide variety of topics from cowboy tales to pirates on the high seas. Again, the keyword to remember is "action!" Keep your story moving quickly along with characters saying little but doing a lot. Get colorful with this too. Through your writing, make sure you bring each scene to life, so the reader almost feels like he or she is right there.

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